2020 Election for kids- ADL

Election Diverse Voters

The ADL Anti-Defamation League has great educational resources for children. The ADL provides anti-bias education, bullying, cyberbullying, webinars, podcasts, black lives matter, LatinX and early childhood tools. The ADL has lots of information about how to talk to young people about difficult topics. Check out their lesson plans and teaching tools about the election if you’re looking to explain the 2020 vote to the young people in your life.

Tea for the Tillerman 2

Yusuf/Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman 2
Cat Stevens (Yusuf)

Cat Stevens recently released a newly recorded edition of his 1970 classic, Tea for the Tillerman. 50 years later, the CD has a new sound, but also the old sound that I originally fell in love with. All of the same songs are there with a fresh sound. The new-old songs are not such a huge diversion from the old favorites to deter fans from liking the 2020 recording. Stevens takes a look at the familiar line-up and imprints just enough new riffs and rhythms to appeal, but not repeat. You can hear the older voice and, perhaps, the added wisdom as you relive these classics. Borrow it from the library.


Monogamy: A Novel

Sue Miller’s latest title is the story of one man and two women. Graham is the man at the center of the story who is married to Frieda first and then Anne. He is a gregarious, larger-than-life character who remains friends with his first wife even though he betrays her. Anne is reflecting back on her life with this exuberant man she loved even though she finds out posthumously that he cheated on her, too. Through Anne’s voice we discover the extended family Graham built with his two children- one from each wife- and how he manages to maintain their love despite his affairs.