The Last Garden in England

The Last Garden in England

Julia Kelly’s latest novel revolves around an elaborate garden in England and the generations of women who cultivate it and create it. Crossing three time periods from 1907 to the present day, we meet several women whose lives are effected by the unique garden. Venetia Smith is the original landscaper in 1907. Diana Symonds and Beth Pedley live near the garden during WWII. Emma Lovett is the modern-day garden artist who is hired to restore the original garden’s luster and wonder back to life. The plot shifts from each of these characters and we see how the current day owner fits in to the ancestors who originally created it. Along the way, the WWII section ties both ends together. The transitions between the different points in time flow easily and smoothly. Gaps of history are filled in as each of the three stories come together with a satisfaction that brings us to 2021 and the current owners of the English garden. Also available on audio.

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