Black Buck

Black Buck

Black Buck by Mateo Askaripour stars 22 year-old Darren from the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn. Although he was valedictorian of his prestigious high-school (The Bronx High School of Science), he has been working at a Starbucks on Park Avenue since graduating. African-American Darren is happy living with his hard-working mother, his loyal girlfriend, and chatting with the neighborhood characters. When a man walks in to Starbucks and is impressed with his sales skills, Darren is invited to join his start-up company and gets a chance at a real career and decent income. As the only person of color at the firm, Darren feels out of place, but holds on to his opportunity despite some racist treatment. Told as a flashback, we know he has climbed the corporate ladder and found success. There is humor and regret as Darren predictably leaves behind his old friends from childhood. The study in how his white, privileged co-workers are careful not to appear racist (but still are), is realistically portrayed. Also available on audio.

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