Flowers of Darkness

Cover image for Flowers of Darkness

A gripping, creepy novel that takes place in Paris, France, Flowers of Darkness is a moody and sinister with a dystopian theme. Clarissa Katsef has just left her second husband of 20 years and needs to find a place to live. As a writer, she is eligible to interview for a residence with beautiful views of the city where only artists are admitted. Although the building is modern and comes with a virtual assistant that beats ALEXA hands-down, Clarissa is growing more suspicious about the management and the amount of control they exert as well as her a lack of privacy. The setting is in the future where the Eiffel Tower has been destroyed and Clarissa describes the changes to the city and the world as the plot develops (for example, no more bees and extreme heatwaves). Clarissa refuses to reconcile with her husband (we learn towards the end exactly what came between them) and is close with her daughter and only grandchild. While several questions remain unanswered, Flowers of Darkness slowly grabs hold of the reader building to a haunting resolution that is disturbing and lingers with the reader.

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