The Vanishing Half

Brit Bennett has written a fascinating novel about 16 year old twin sisters who disappear from a small town in the South. They run away to New Orleans, and live together for a short while, until one sister leaves abruptly without any notice, and her twin spends a great deal of her future life wondering why. The girls are both very light skinned African Americans; one sister marries a man with very dark skin and has has a child of “blueblack” color. She flees her marriage due to abuse, and winds up back in the town she grew up in. The other sister makes the decision to pass for a white person, and tells no one, not even her husband. Until one day when their daughters cross paths, and one girl figures out what happened. Both sisters experience being the “odd one out” in their circles, and the reader can empathize with both characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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