Every Vow You Break

Every Vow You Break: A Novel by [Peter Swanson]

Abigail is about to get married and everything seems to be right with the world. Her husband-to-be is a wealthy man who is letting her make all of the wedding decisions. He only wants to arrange their honeymoon. When the story begins, Abigail is on her bachelorette weekend. Unexpectedly, she meets a handsome stranger at the spa where she’s staying and has a one-night stand. Horrified at what she did, she wants to forget it and move on. The wedding takes place and the honeymoon begins. Up to this point I liked the book, but then the plot takes a more unbelievable turn and the second half of the novel is too far-fetched and unbelievable. The honeymooners are on an island being pampered, but odd circumstances foretell of danger. If you want a quick thriller to entertain you, this might do the trick. However, be prepared for that voice in your head saying, “This would never happen in real life.”

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