Just My Luck

Title: Just My Luck: A Novel, Author: Adele Parks

The latest title from Adele Parks presents 3 married couples living outside of London. For years they pooled their money and played the lottery each week. When they have a falling out, 2 of the couples decide they won’t participate in the ‘common’ practice of entering the lottery. The remaining couple continues to enter and one week later they win BIG: $17+ million dollars. The tension and friction this inevitably creates is Parks at her best. She weaves the connections and histories together like a master at her loom. Rewinding to the events before the winning ticket, we learn that the friends had long-term grievances and secrets that will determine their future decisions and outcome. Entertaining! This title is available in the audio edition on Hoopla through on our library home page.

Hoopla means no waiting!

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