The Last Thing He Told Me

Hannah Michaels has never gotten along with her stepdaughter, Bailey. Married to her father for about 5 years, Hannah’s nemesis is now a sullen teenager who isn’t interested in forming a bond or friendship with her stepmoher. Hannah’s husband suddenly disappears when his company falls under suspicion for corruption and both are desperate to find him. Working together to achieve this proves difficult especially because the more information about Owen’s past they uncover, the more questions they have. What really happened to Bailey’s biological mother? Why does an investigator from Texas seek them out when they live in California? Why does Owen leave them a bag full of cash and no instructions or explanation? Although they don’t get along, Hannah and Bailey’ team up (so to speak) to find Owen and learn if he had anything to do with the crime his company is accused of pulling off. Also available on audio through Overdrive.

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