The Kindred Spirits Supper Club

Sabrina Monroe has anxiety issues ever since Erica Hendrickson, the mean girl in grade school, bullied her. Now that she is an adult, she keeps it at bay by mostly keeping to herself and avoiding stressful situations. But after her boyfriend breaks up with her, and she loses her journalism job in another city, she is forced to return home to move in with her parents in Wisconsin. Specifically, Wisconsin-Dells, where the above nemesis is now her new employer. Did I mention her family can see ghosts? The women in the Monroe family help spirits who have unresolved issues to move past them. When a handsome local restaurant owner enters the picture, Sabrina’s life becomes more complicated than ever. I enjoy Amy Reichert’s writing; this is a feel-good novel about being true to yourself. I highly recommend it for fans of romantic fiction.

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