Lake Life

The novel is less concerned with the origins of dysfunction than with how it plays out.

Lake Life follows the Starling family during their last summer before they sell their vacation home. The parents, Richard and Lisa, are successful academics working at Cornell. Their two sons, Michael and Thad, arrive with their partners, Diane and Jake. On the brink of retiring, the parents have decided to downsize and move to Florida. The sons aren’t happy that their childhood getaway is about to be taken away from them. Both children have more serious and immediate problems to be faced. Diane is pregnant despite their promise never to have children. Michael also has a drinking problem he is hiding and denying. Thad’s two year relationship with Jake is about to be put to the test when they visit Jake’s ex. The parents are transitioning as well as they must choose to separate or stay together when their marriage is tested. Underneath the backdrop of a North Carolina town, the chapters rotate among the characters as each one is forced to confront hard choices. Recommended.

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