Free magazines! Get your library card ready!

The New Yorker - Magazine

An article appears in The New Yorker this week by Paul McCartney. The Beatle (the cute one) writes about the back story to ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and how happenstance had a lot to do with The Beatles meeting and becoming a band. As a fan of The Beatles I was interested in reading it. I didn’t have the issue and didn’t want to wait. But then, MAGIC! I went online to the library web site and in less than a minute had a copy of the latest issue of The New Yorker and was reading about how Paul and John first met in Paul’s own words. Make sure to visit the library web site and check out the long list of magazines available from Overdrive. As the colder months settle in and you may be reluctant to leave your warm home, remember that there is a LOT of free digital content available from the library. And if you’re a Beatles fan, visit The Jacob Burns theater in Westchester November 10th for a Beatles lecture. Although The Beatles broke up decades ago there is still new releases and news to check out.

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