An Irish Country Yuletide

The latest offering by Patrick Taylor is this novella, # 16 in the Irish Country series, about two country doctors practicing in the 1960’s, in Ballybucklebo, a small fictional town in Northern Ireland. ‘Tis the season for weddings: Doctor Fingal O’Flaherty has recently married the woman of his dreams, Kitty, whom he met in the late thirties when he was studying medicine as a young man, and then lost track of. His colleague, young Barry Laverty, is smitten with a woman he hopes to propose to, Sue, a local schoolteacher. Even Kinky, the housekeeper is busy planning her own wedding. Many of the other familiar characters are present in the novella, with the addition of a new face. Lord John MacNeill’s brother, Andrew, has come for a holiday visit from Australia, to impart some news to the family. Taylor pens an uplifting novella, and fans of his will enjoy his latest addition to the series.

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