Elizabeth Strout

The latest novel by award-winning novelist, Elizabeth Strout, expands on a character introduced in her earlier book, Lucy Barton. Here Lucy meanders back and forth from the present to the past about her ex-husband, William. Although William has has two wives since Lucy, they have remained amicable and share two children. Now in their seventies, Lucy and William reconnect after his last wife leaves him. Strout’s creative style has a poetic, folksy quality of a regional neighbor catching up over the backyard fence. We learn more about why their marriage failed and why their friendship works now. William’s mother also plays a prominent role as background information sends Lucy and William out on a road trip to seek out a possible sister he never knew. The voice of Lucy Barton is strong and brave even when her emotions threaten to tear her strong exterior. We see Lucy as an independent, solitary woman and learn why and how she made herself this way. A brilliant follow-up to her other tales of these characters, we understand them now on a deeper level after Oh William!.

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