Her Turn

Released in 2021 and just 240 pages, Katherine Ashenburg’s Her Turn is an entertaining, modern day story set in Washington D.C.. A woman and writer in her 50’s is the editor of a popular newspaper column (supposedly The Washington Post though not named) and navigating her single life after her husband left her for his mistress 10+ years ago. Her only son is an adult and though she dates and has affairs, she has yet to fully move past her husband’s infidelity. While she broods over deciding if she should finally forgive him (and the mistress- now wife #2), Liz finds satisfaction in her own small efforts at a full life post-marriage. When Liz receives a draft of an essay from the wife #2 for submission to her column, Liz decide to remain anonymous as a way of retribution and spying on her husband’s life. We follow Liz’s dating attempts and friendships while she struggles with the forgiveness she feels obligated, but loathe to surrender to. Entertaining.

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