On A Night of a Thousand Stars

When Santiago Larrea, a wealthy Argentine diplomat, is appointed Argentina’s ambassador to the United Nations, he travels to Buenos Aires with his wife, Lila and daughter Paloma. But just before they leave, a conversation between Santiago and an old university friend stirs up Paloma’s interest in her father’s younger years in Argentina during the military dictatorship in the 1970’s, a taboo subject in their house. After they arrive, Paloma meets Franco, a young man, whose parents were desaparecidos, men and women forcibly disappeared by the state and killed during the dictatorship. As Paloma investigates her father’s years as a student, she discovers troubling facts about her parentage, and places herself in danger. This is not an easy book to read, as the author reveals the tragedies, including torture, endured by several of the characters. This is a debut novel by Ms. Clark, who grew up in Argentina during the turbulent times addressed in the novel, and interviewed sons and daughters of the “disappeared” to learn their stories. It’s a very compelling read…

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