Again, Rachel

Rachel is a recovering addict working as a therapist at a rehabilitation center for addicts in Ireland (which she also attended years ago). She is happy with her job, her family, and her boyfriend. She receives an ‘invitation’ to attend the funeral of the mother of her ex-husband and is thrown off-kilter considering whether or not to attend. She hasn’t seen or spoken to her ex for about 6 years. Luke left her and moved to the United States and she has unresolved issues regarding the end of their marriage. The story includes colorful details of Rachel’s patients at the rehab center as she tries to help them recover from their various addictions. With humor and regret, Rachel revisits the past as she confronts her ex-husband and faces the truth about the end of their relationship. This is book #7 in the Walsh family series although it is fine to read as a stand alone novel. Recommended.

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