Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2022

If you haven’t been to Florida’s Disney World in a while, it has gotten more complicated to navigate. This comprehensive guide, available in 2022, gives a ton of information about the park, but give yourself a lot of time to peruse its 744 pages. The Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World Official Vacation Guide is also helpful, not as comprehensive, but much easier to skim for tips. Definitely check these out before you go…

I Survived Graphic series

There are 6 books now available in the popular Lauren Tarshis ‘I Survived’ series. This under 100 page book series is popular with the younger set. The graphic editions are equally attractive and closely follow the original title. Available in graphic format so far are the I Survived: 1) Shark Attacks 2) Nazi Invasion 3) September 11 Attacks 4) Attack of the Grizzlies 5) Hurricane Katrina and 6) Sinking of the Titanic. Most of these titles are also available in a digital format to be read on a device free through Overdrive/Libby.