One Last Gift

Cassie and her brother Tom are orphans; their parents died when they were young. Their mom’s sister, Claire took them in and raised them, but it wasn’t a very warm relationship. So Cassie and Tom became very close. But an unexpected event destroys their bond, and Cassie must manage on her own, with support from her friends. Except for Sam, her brother’s best friend, who Cassie has had a crush on for years. Until Sam became a hotshot lawyer and humiliated her in front of her friends, so she vowed to cut him out of her life.
But when Cassie finds a note from Tom, leading to one last annual Christmas scavenger hunt that he always arranged for her holiday gift, she feels as if she has her brother back with her for a while. What she ultimately finds leads to a new way of life and the love she’s always wished for. This novel felt like the winter equivalent of a beach read; it kept my interest and was a fun read. Fans of romance will enjoy this…

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