Play Like a Girl: a Graphic Memoir

Misty is a middle school girl who wants to play football. She convinces her best friend, Bree to join with her, but it’s not really Bree’s thing, and she soon drops out. At first, the boys on the team are not happy with Misty playing, one in particular, Cole, makes sure to tackle her hard every chance he gets. But several of the others offer to help her become a better player. Misty Wilson and her husband are the co-authors, and it is her story to tell. She is now an elementary school teacher, and she thanks her students for inspiring her to write this book, as well as her 7th grade coaches for never treating her differently from the male players on the team. Play Like a Girl is an inspiring story of a girl trying to stay true to herself and fit into the middle school culture at the same time.

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