Robert Hoge has written a matter-of-fact biography about his childhood years. He came into the world in 1972, with a large tumor in the middle of his face, which pushed his eyes far apart, and short, twisted legs. His mother, who had four children already, wanted nothing to do with him for the first month of his life. Robert underwent many operations as a baby and young child, which removed the tumor and re-built his face and legs. Despite all the obstacles he faced, he accepted his fate and soldiered on. Then, at 14, Robert’s parents gave him the power to decide whether or not to have the final operation, which would substantially change his face, hopefully for the better. But Robert decided that the possibility of losing his eyesight wasn’t worth the risk, and declined the operation. My ten year old grandson is reading this as a school assignment, and I found it very uplifting.

Projectr: Free Streaming

Anyone with an NYPL library card now has access to the streaming service, Projectr. NYPL recently partnered with the service available for instant viewing. Any resident of NY state is eligible for an NYPL card which is easily obtained online (click here) in a few easy steps. Projectr has thousands of movies, documentaries and shorts. Give it a try!

Where Are the Children Now?

This new novel is the sequel to Where Are the Children?, which was released in 1975 by Mary Higgins Clark. I don’t recall reading the original, so I checked back and there are only 16 copies still in the system. That title chronicled the kidnapping of Nancy Eldridge’s two children, Michael and Melissa. The current sequel deals with the adult Melissa’s new marriage to Charlie Miller. Initially they are very happy together, but the marriage soon becomes a nightmare when Charlie’s three year- old daughter Riley goes missing on Melissa’s watch. Is this a repeat of Melissa’s abduction as a young child? But the evidence points to Melissa as being the kidnapper now, with the police convinced that she is guilty. Can Melissa find Riley and prove her innocence before it is too late? It’s a quick read, and enjoyable. Definitely less creepy that the original title, which I will pass on reading…

Kwame on Disney channel

Author Kwame Alexander’s popular Newbery title, The Crossover, is now on the Disney channel. Eight episodes are planned for season one. Produced by Lebron James, The Crossover follows the Bell brothers, family and friends. As a novel-in-verse, grpahic novel and now TV series, we are closely wacthing Alexander to see what he does next. He is starting a book tour next week to promote his new title, Why Fathers Cry at Night: a Memoir.

Happy Place

Harriet is thrilled to take a break from her hectic life as a medical intern at a busy hospital in San Francisco. One of her best friends has invited her to vacation at their “happy place”, a house in Maine where a group of them have been going to visit for years. That is, Harriet is excited right up until she arrives and discovers her ex-fiance is one of the group of vacationers. None of Harriet’s friends know that she & Wyn have broken up after about 8 years together. And since all the friends are there to celebrate a wedding, they don’t want to upset everyone by explaining the breakup. I was a little disappointed in this latest from Emily Henry, it felt like it dragged on before we finally find out why they broke up. But if you like romances and star-crossed lovers, this title’s for you.