My Last Innocent Year

My Last Innocent Year by Daisy Alpert Florin is set at a liberal arts college in New England in the 1990’s. Isabel Rosen is a senior from New York City enjoying her final semesters at school. She is considering becoming a writer and is pleased to be chosen as a select student at the exclusive writing seminar held by a glorified professor. When a last-minute replacement fills in to lead the course, her disappointment is soon replaced by a college crush on the married R.H. Connelly. Isabel’s senior year include an uncomfortable sexual encounter with an aggressive student which gets out of hand. As an only child whose mother died years ago, Isabel lacks guidance and direction. Her strong-willed friend, Debra, takes matters into her own hands. As the country is debating the morality of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, Isabel examines her own decisions in the same light with sympathy for the doomed intern in the White House.

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