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Teen Summer Reading is Almost Over!

August 11, 2018

The Palisades Library Teen Summer Reading program is almost over! The deadline to hand in your bookmarks is August 17th! Each punch on your bookmark is one entry into the raffle drawing for the Ukulele!

Also, don’t forget to register for the closing party! Click here to register!


July 16, 2018

I want to highly recommend a YA (or Children’s!) Graphic novel series called Hildafolk by Luke Pearson.


The show is currently being developed as a Netflix series that will premiere this fall. I’ve read all of the volumes of the series so far and they are AMAZING. They are funny, witty, and good for any age.

The series centers around Hilda who lives with her mother and her pet Twig. She often goes on adventures and has hilarious encounters with odd mystical creatures. The folk-story world that Pearson has created is so brilliant and touching and clever!

The Hate U Give Trailer Is Here!

June 25, 2018

For anyone who hasn’t read The Hate U Give yet by Angie Thomas: go read it. Why haven’t you read it yet? HOW HAVE YOU NOT READ IT YET?!

They are making this culturally relevant, truth-telling, and inspiring novel into a film and the trailer has finally been released! We will have to wait until October to see it, but the trailer is enough to keep you going I promise!


June 13, 2018

Kwame Alexander is one my favorite YA authors. His book Solo that came out last year is just another gem in his collection!

Blade never asked for a life of the rich and famous. In fact, he’d give anything not to be the son of Rutherford Morrison, a washed-up rock star and drug addict with delusions of a comeback. Or to no longer be part of a family known most for lost potential, failure, and tragedy. The one true light is his girlfriend, Chapel, but her parents have forbidden their relationship, assuming—like many—that Blade will become just like his father.

In reality, the only thing Blade has in common with Rutherford is the music that lives inside them. But not even the songs that flow through Blade’s soul are enough when he’s faced with two unimaginable realities: the threat of losing Chapel forever, and the revelation of a long-held family secret, one that leaves him questioning everything he thought was true. All that remains is a letter and a ticket to Ghana—both of which could bring Blade the freedom and love he’s been searching for, or leave him feeling even more adrift.index

This writing is incredible and FUN and it is filled with MUSIC which is perfect for this Summer’s Libraries Rock! theme.

Light Filters In: Poems

May 27, 2018

Recently it has been hard for me to focus long enough to read an entire book. I am FIVE books behind schedule on my reading challenge (follow me on goodreads!) and I am no longer breezing through two books in a week like I used to.

I have found a new solution to this issue and that is poetry. A poem is not long. You can put the book down after every single one. You don’t need to skip ahead to see how many pages are left in this chapter to get through.

Here is an amazing book of poems written by a local teenager who gained fame through her Instagram page (I loved these poems so much!):


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