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The Queen of Hearts

February 13, 2019

indexZadie and Emma met two summers before college at a camp for students interested in medicine, and they have been best friends ever since. Zadie is a pediatric cardiologist with three kids, and Emma is a trauma surgeon with one son. They both live in Charlotte, North Carolina and speak almost every day. However, a handsome “Dr. X” joins Emma’s practice and she discovers he is a blast from the past — both hers and Zadie’s. Emma¬† hasn’t been completely honest with her best friend, and the secret that she is keeping back is now much harder for her to hide. This novel is Kimmery Martin’s first, and it is blessed with well developed characters and a heart warming plot. Ms. Martin is an ER doc who decided to develop a medical based drama on what she knows firsthand. I enjoyed it, hope you do as well.


February 6, 2019

indexWhen Maggie finds out her daughter has died in a plane crash, she is shocked and devastated. She hasn’t had a close relationship with her daughter Allison since Maggie’s husband, Charles died, but she loves her nonetheless. The reader finds out in the first chapter that Allison has survived the crash, but also that her life is in danger. Someone knows that she knows too much about the problems her husband’s drug company is experiencing and needs to silence her. The author, Jessica Barry, writes a taut paced novel with alternating chapters told in Allison’s and Maggie’s voices. I thought this was a great read, and look forward to more titles by this author. This is her debut novel.

Juror #3

January 27, 2019

index (1)Ruby Bozarth is about to try her first murder case as an attorney in Rosedale, Mississippi. Darrien Summers is on trial for his life, a young black man charged with the murder of a local socialite, and faces the death penalty if he’s convicted. Ruby, under the guidance of her ex-boyfriend’s aunt Suzanne, a local seasoned attorney, manages to successfully defend her client. Thanks in part to Juror # 3, of course. And now Ruby’s ex is on trial for murder, and she is once again under the gun as she attempts to clear him. This is another quick read by James Patterson (and Nancy Allen), and superbly well-done.

The Sapphire Widow

January 26, 2019

indexGalle,a small town in Ceylon, in 1935, is the setting for Dinah Jeffries’s latest historical novel. Louisa Reeve is married to a handsome merchant in the gem trade and her only sadness comes having lost a daughter, a baby who was born dead, as well as having had several miscarriages. When a sudden loss occurs, she must deal with yet more grief as she tries to come to terms with this huge hole in her life. Louisa finds out several secrets about this loss and must adjust her life to adapt to yet more changes in her lifestyle, especially one involving a child. It’s a bit slow moving, but a good read.

Library Card graphics

January 16, 2019

Our RCLS library cards are somewhat mundane compared to designs of library cards found across the country and abroad. Check out these cardslibrary-cards-1(1) from around the world. My first favorite is from the Southwark Libraries in London (Great quote by Jorge Luis Borges), which feature a Winter Book Challenge from 12/10 to 2/28 for children up to age 17, complete with prizes. My other fav is from the Seattle Public Library, whose website features lots of information and some cool links to follow up.

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