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The Summer I Met Jack

August 15, 2018

111 bookMichele Gable pens a fictional account of a woman who had an affair with Jack Kennedy before he became president. Alicia, a maid in the Kennedy compound bewitches Jack, a charismatic young man among the Kennedy clan. He even proposes marriage to Alicia,  but his father Joe pays a Hollywood agent to lure Alicia away from the Kennedys and Jack especially. She becomes quite popular in the Hollywood crowd, dating many of the leading men of the time, but always keeps her love for Jack. The novel is lively, with good characterization by the author. A good beach read!

The President Is Missing

August 8, 2018

111 bookBill Clinton and James Patterson have teamed up for a top-notch thriller where the President, Jon Duncan, drops out of sight in order to save the world from a computer virus. If released, this virus has the capability to wipe files on every device in the U.S. that is connected to the Internet, resulting in mass hysteria. No Wall Street, no money in banks, no records anywhere, no fresh water, electricity, in effect, the U.S. would become the largest third world country.  President Duncan has one ally in his corner: Augie, the male half of a duo that wrote and embedded this virus. But there are assassins after the president as well, and he is unsure of whom he can trust in his select circle in Washington, when he discovers a mole in the “Group of Eight”, the top members of his group of advisors. Another matter to settle: who has financed this operation, suspected to have been run by a terrorist organization? A fast paced suspense novel that will leave the reader on the edge of his seat before the finale.

Not In A Tuscan Villa

August 1, 2018

111 bookThe title describes where a couple from New Jersey did NOT stay during a year spent in Italy. It was always a dream for Nancy and John Petralia to spend a year of their life living in Italy, to absorb the culture and experience everyday life. And from April 2009 to March 2010, they lived that dream. John had a good grasp of the Italian language, while Nancy learned the basics and improved her conversational skills while living there. The couple had originally rented an apartment in Bologna, which turned out to be a big mistake. Uncomfortable furniture and no air conditioning soon forced them into their second choice, Parma, a university city in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, where they were very happy with their second rented apartment. I thoroughly enjoyed their account of life in Italy. The couple made many friends, visited the actual town of Petralia in Sicily, and had the experience of a lifetime.

I’ll be Your Blue Sky

July 25, 2018

111 bookClare Hobbes is set to marry Zach, despite some strong misgivings. However, on the morning of the wedding day, Clare runs into an older woman on a park bench, who gives her some good advice: “No one should live with someone who scares her.” And Zach does in fact scare Clare with his intense emotions, anger and need to be almost in her head. As the older woman, Edith, relates her story of her own loving husband, Joseph, who was her “blue sky” or safe place, Clare finds the courage to call off the wedding. As the story progresses, she discovers some amazing attributes of Edith, although unfortunately, not until after Edith’s death. The novel flips back and forth in time between Edith’s and Clare’s stories, which is a perfect fit for this novel. I found it to be a wonderful read about relationships and life choices, penned by the author Marisa De Los Santos.

The Fallen

July 18, 2018

111 bookDavid Baldacci’s latest novel concerns the exploits of Amos Decker and his FBI colleague, Alex Jamison. There is “something rotten” in the town of Baronville, PA, where Alex’s sister has just moved with her family. Six strange murders have occurred recently, 2 during Amos’s & Alex’s so-called vacation to the town. The pair are soon enmeshed in trying to help DEA agents and the local police solve these deadly crimes. Baldacci writes a well-paced mystery, which holds the reader’s interest right from the outset. Highly recommended for mystery lovers who don’t mind some dead bodies…

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