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The Daughters of Ireland

October 18, 2017

2 bookThree young Irish women and their intertwining stories are at the heart of this latest novel by Santa Montefiore. Their sagas revolve around a castle nearly three centuries old, Castle Deverill, built in the late 1600s by its original owner, Barton Deverill in County Cork. Unfortunately for the family, Barton incurred the wrath of one Maggie O’Leary, who cursed him and his descendants for building on her property. Kitty Deverill Trench grew up in the castle playing with her friend, Bridie Doyle, whose mother was employed there. However, a recent fire has destroyed most of the building, leaving it in ruins. Kitty’s cousin Ceila Mayberry decides to use her husband’s money to restore the castle to its former glory, and the story takes off. If you like long family sagas complete with affairs, disasters, and lifestyles of the rich and titled, this novel is for you.


October 4, 2017

2 bookAlex Cooper, Assistant DA of NYC, is back to star in yet another thriller by Linda Fairstein. But this time she is the suspect being interrogated regarding the suspicious death of a highly placed figure in the DA’s office. The title refers to an entanglement, which Alex refers to in the early pages of the novel regarding the murder. However, it has another meaning unknown to her; deadfall is also a hunting term meaning to set up a trap to catch a large animal. Her referral to this term will set her up as a prime suspect. The usual “suspects” are back as well: Detectives Mercer and Chapman, who help Alex in her fight to clear herself in the murder case. A great read for fans of legal thrillers.

The Lost Boy

September 27, 2017

2 bookSwedish author Camilla Lackberg pens another crime thriller that does not disappoint the reader. Detective Patrik Hedstrom has his hands full trying to solve a murder case where the victim seems to have been a pleasantly social guy, yet no one knows much about him. But the pieces eventually fall into place, despite Patrik’s hectic home life. His wife just delivered twins after having been in an serious accident with her sister, who lost her baby. Back to work after a recent heart problem, he methodically collects layers of information involving the sale of illegal drugs, more murders, an agency that helps female victims of domestic abuse, and a ruthless gang. Not for the faint of heart, but those who enjoy a fast paced murder mystery will enjoy this one.

How to Find True Love in a Bookshop

September 20, 2017

2 bookWhen Emilia’s dad dies, she has to decide whether or not to take over his bookshop in a small quaint village in England. She decides to go for it, but unfortunately her father left her in debt, so making a profit will not be an easy venture. We meet the many characters in the village gradually: Alice, engaged to be married to Hugh; her mom, Sarah, owner of the local manor; Dillon, gardener at the manor, who fancies Alice from afar; Marlowe, a talented musician; and Bea, a good friend of Emilia’s, to name a few. Veronica Henry mixes romance with the secrets, hopes and dreams of her characters, and the novel ends with a satisfying conclusion, despite all the drama.┬áRecommended for those looking for a light read.


September 13, 2017

2 bookThe grisly murders of three family members in Brooklyn in 1992, both parents and their young foster daughter, were pinned on the teenage foster son, DeShawn Perkins, who was living in the home at the time. Fast forward to 2014, where Rebekah Roberts is a reporter at the NY Tribune. Bored with her assignments, she befriends Amanda, a blog writer who tracks murders in NYC, and becomes involved in a wrongful conviction project. Rebekah discovers a recent letter written by DeShawn Perkins, 22 years after he went to jail, protesting his innocence. Julia Dahl writes a tightly packed novel, weaving all the strands of the various characters actions together into a neat package by the end. She is an Edgar Award finalist for her previous book, Invisible City. Recommended for all murder mystery fans.

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