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Twelve dates of Christmas

November 24, 2020

Jenny Bayliss has penned a lighthearted novel about an English woman, Kate Turner, who is persuaded by her good friend to sign up for a dating service to meet her one true love. Kate goes on a series of twelve dates, some hilarious and some not. Will she finally find someone to settle down with? Check this out to answer that…

Library’s temporary housing is a former grocery store

November 16, 2020

The Carmel Clay Public Library in Indianapolis, Indiana, has a temporary home in a former grocery store, and it appears to be a big hit with its patrons. The director points out that “the books in the freezer section is a popular area,” words you don’t normally expect to hear together in a comment about a library collection. The construction on the main branch is expected to take up to two years.

The Ickabog

November 15, 2020

J. K. Rowling has penned a new offering for her younger fans entitled The Ickabog, a fairy tale about two children, Bert and Daisy, on a quest. Their goal is to bring happiness back to their land of Cornucopia, despite the machinations of the Ickabog, a mythical creature that sows trouble and doom. I’m looking forward to reading this… You can hear a sample read here.

What You Wish For

August 15, 2020

47D176BD-C133-44A5-8B33-1197A98366D7Just finished this amazing book by Katherine Center. It’s a story of love, and loss, and trauma, and emotions, but most of all – joy. A quote from one of the characters, “Pay attention to the things that connect you with joy,” I found to be particularly meaningful. Everyone has sadness and hurt and dark places that may sometimes threaten our well-being, but focusing on the things that bring joy to our lives can help to bring us out of those scary places. That philosophy seems to be the novel’s message to the reader, and I found it very uplifting. Be kind to your self and read this “feel good” story … You deserve it!

August 10, 2020 is a site run by the NY State Library for children, with songs and free online book offerings daily. It has lists of additional sites for kids to explore for online reading, games and more.

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