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The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba

August 4, 2021

The latest novel by Chanel Cleeton is set in the late 1800’s during the Spanish-American War. Three main female protagonists are Grace, a newspaper reporter; Evangeline, a young Cuban woman unjustly imprisoned, and Marina, a Cuban woman trying desperately to feed her daughter while interned in a work camp. Their lives intertwine, as Grace and Marina aid in planning Evangeline’s escape from the horrible prison Recogidas. William Randolph Hearst is another central figure in drawing attention to the plight of the Cubans, who are attempting to overthrow the Spanish, and ultimately involving the U.S. I enjoy reading historical fiction, as much information can be learned about the past in an entertaining fashion.

Just a Story

July 28, 2021

This new title by Jeff Mack is a great story to read aloud to the preschool set. A young boy finds a book in a library, and his imagination runs wild. He is almost captured by pirates, stomped by a herd of elephants, stepped on by a baby dragon, and worst of all, ALMOST KISSED by a frog. A whimsical ode to the power of imagination and the power of stories to take us anywhere we like…

A Dream of Death

July 24, 2021

Connie Berry has set her first novel in the Kate Hamilton series on the Isle of Skye, in the Hebrides, off the coast of Scotland. Kate, an antiques dealer in Ohio, is summoned to Skye by her not so favorite sister-in-law, Elenor, to help ease her fears about something, without giving an explanation. When Elenor is murdered shortly after after Kate arrives, and a local mentally impaired man is accused, Kate decides to investigate. Berry writes a fast-paced thriller, with a bit of romance thrown in, and I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Limitless: The Power of Hope and Resilience To Overcome Circumstances

July 21, 2021

Mallory Weggemann never expected that she would become a paraplegic after a series of routine epidural injections to help her cope with nerve pain. In 2008, she was a high school senior and co-captain of the swim team, a sport she loved, and planning on going away to college. As a result of the third injection, her legs became paralyzed. But with the help of her family and friends, Mallory struggles through the challenges she faces to become a two-time champion swimmer in the Paralympic Games. This is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read, if not the most inspiring. Mallory is a true champion, even when she severely injures one of her arms, she continues competing, and was planning on being in her third Paralympics, until the covid virus struck in 2019. Mallory’s philosophy is to use any unforeseen challenge to propel ourselves forward… I highly recommend reading her story…

Fresh Brewed Murder

July 14, 2021

Emmeline Duncan has written the first novel in her Ground Rules Mystery series. In case you haven’t guessed, the plot concerns a barista and her partner who operate a food truck in Portland, Oregon. When a man turns up dead right in front of their truck, Sage decides to investigate, especially since she is under suspicion for his murder. The cast of characters includes the other food trucks owners: Zarek, the falafel guy, Macie, the pie lady, and Emma , who runs the jojo stand (a kind of fried chicken tender with a special breading). By the time Sage finally figures out who the murderer is, it might be too late…

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