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More Than Words

March 27, 2019

9780735218307Nina’s father is dying and she is not ready to face it. When Nina was eight, her mother was killed in a car crash, so she has no other family left. There is Tim, her best friend and his family – his dad is running her father’s company- and she is close to his mom, but it’s not the same. Nina will have to give up her career as a speechwriter for Rafael, a candidate for mayor, to concentrate on taking her dad’s place in his business. And what will she make of the growing attraction between herself and Rafael? Will she ignore it to marry Tim? Jill Santopolo has written a new novel about the difficulty of relationships, and managing family secrets buried in the past.

Europe Through the Back Door

March 24, 2019

rick steves bookRick Steves has been writing these guides to Europe for almost 30 years, and guidebooks in general for almost 40 years. His guidebooks instruct how to travel on a budget, and get the best “bang out of your buck”, as well as how to have an authentic experience by staying at small hotels owned by the local people and eating where they eat. Not to mention how to pack, or what to visit in wherever  you are visiting, with some restrictions. Mr. Steves has a travel show on PBS television, and travels around the U.S. meeting his fans and signing their copies of his books. There is an excellent article in the March 24 issue of the NY Times Magazine about him that you shouldn’t miss if you are a fan of his.

Forget You Know Me

March 23, 2019

book coverAfter moving to Chicago for work, Lisa has lost the closeness that she once had with her best friend Molly. In an effort to try to maintain the friendship, Lisa settles on a video chat during a “girls night”. But when Molly steps away to attend to her daughter, Lisa sees a masked man enter the house and shut down Molly’s laptop. Frantic with worry, Lisa phones the police. When she is can’t reach Molly, she decides to drive to Cincinnati to check on her friend, only Molly shrugs it off and doesn’t even let Lisa into her house. This novel by Jessica Strawser shines a spotlight on the intricacies of relationships and skillfully demonstrates the damaging effects that betrayal and deceit have on friendship and marriage.

The Secret of Clouds

March 20, 2019

secretMaggie is a middle school teacher devoted to her profession. When her principal asks her to tutor a student, Yuri, who has a health issue, she agrees. Yuri’s parents have emigrated from Ukraine and are trying to ensure that their son receives the best treatment available for his condition. This heartwarming story by Alyson Richman features superb characterization and a compelling plot. Richman is a talented author who knows how to tug at the heartstrings of her readers. Keep a box of tissues nearby when you read this one.

Blood Orange

March 13, 2019

Alison Wood has been a practicing lawyer in England for 15 years when she is handed her first murder case. Madeleine Smith has been arrested and charged with the death of  her husband Edwin, stabbing him multiple times in their bedroom. But there is a lot buried under the surface of this apparently cut- and -dried case, as Alison discovers in the process of defending her client. But she has a few distractions to deal with along the way: her excessive drinking is affecting her judgement, and she is cheating on her husband with a lawyer friend. This is a debut novel by Harriet Tyce, and she employs a shocking twist at the end that the reader will enjoy. I’m looking forward to her next novel.

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