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By the Numbers

August 14, 2019

btn-evergreenAmerican Libraries has a monthly column titled “By the Numbers” on various topics. Here are some statistics for library summer reading programs in 2018:

1.  95% of libraries offer SR programs
2.  4-5 books should be read over the summer break to prevent “summer slide,”       (according to a Harvard study.)
3.  Children who participated in Chicago PL’s Summer Learning Challenge gained 15 – 20 percentage points in test scores for reading and math, compared to their peers              who did not participate.
4.  In 1895 Ohio librarian Linda Eastman created the Cleveland Children’s Library   League, which is the precursor to summer reading programs worldwide.

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Book Riot

August 10, 2019

bookriot-logo-1I just discovered another site for booklovers called “Book Riot“. It bills itself as the largest independent editorial book site in North America and is comprised of writers from all walks of life. It hosts videos and podcasts as well as articles and recommendations on many different genres. One heading caught my eye: What I Learned From Tracking My Toddler’s Reading, about a reader’s 19 month old who chose all the books herself. If you have some spare time, check out this site!


August 7, 2019


Denise Mina explains to her readers on the first page of this novel why her protagonist, Anna, has assumed a new identity. We gradually learn the details, as Anna flees from her soon-to-be ex-husband and her two daughters in order to save her life. It involves a shocking instance in her past, and the murders of three people, one of whom Anna knew. The reader unravels the mystery of their deaths along with Anna, with a surprising twist at the end. Good read for mystery lovers!

One Day in December

July 31, 2019

indexIf you are up for a romance where your best friend falls in love with the man of your dreams, this novel is perfect. Riding a bus home from work, Laurie spots an intriguing  guy at the bus stop. When he suddenly looks up and right at her, Laurie feels like she’s been hit with a thunderbolt. But she can’t make herself get off the bus to meet him; instead she spends a year looking for him, to no avail. When her flatmate/best friend Sarah starts dating this wonderful guy and introduces him to Laurie at a party, who else would it be but Jack, aka “bus boy”. Neither of them wants to tell Sarah the truth.  The storyline is a bit slow and formulaic, but it’s a quiet read that ends in a satisfying manner. Written by Josie Silver.

The Bridge Across the Ocean

July 13, 2019

indexDo you believe in ghosts? Brette has “The Sight”, or the ability to see spirits in the thin space between this world and the next. Her grandmother and aunts have had the ability as well, but Brette has always struggled with the disbelief of others if she mentions it. Susan Meissner has written a novel that takes place in different eras: present day, and various times during WWII, between 1936 – 1946.  The ship RMS Queen Mary plays a major role in the story, since it was utilized during WWII to transport troops abroad and wartime brides back to the U.S. after the war ended. Annaliese would do anything to escape her cruel Nazi husband, and seizes the opportunity when her best friend dies in an auto accident. Brette is drawn to visit the Queen Mary (in present day) and is “approached ” by a spirit she believes to be Annaliese, after some careful research. The novel features an interesting time in history, but it is also a sober reminder of the horrors of war. A great historical fiction read.

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