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2019 Carnegie and Greenaway Medals Announced

March 21, 2019

Selected from volunteer Librarians, these short lists of titles reflect the best in children’s literature published in the UK. The announcement on March 19th, 2019 includes three novels in verse and a Jon Klassen book.  This would be a second win for Klassen if he is chosen.

Before She Knew Him

March 14, 2019

Before She Knew Him: A Novel  A couple moves in to a new house in the suburbs of Boston. They meet the couple next door.  When Henrietta (Hen) and her husband have dinner at their neighbor’s home, she spots an object on the shelf that rings alarm bells: this belonged to a young man who was murdered.  How did it end up here?  Could her new neighbor, Matthew, really be a killer? He is a school teacher and appears ordinary, but Hen is sure he knows more than he is letting on. Hen becomes more obsessed and concerned that he is a murderer and may be planning his next kill.

New Kid

March 7, 2019

New Kid Set in the Bronx, the graphic novel “New Kid” sets up 7th grader Jordan Banks as the new kid at an elite private school (modeled after Riverdale Country Day, perhaps). Jordan is one of the few kids of color and experiences stereotyping, teasing, exclusion and bullying by teachers and students.  He tries to fit in and find friends, but is continually rebuffed and misunderstood.  Teachers and students assume he wants to play sports when what he really likes is art and drawing.  As Jordan navigates the school and looks for a way to fit in, his own pencil “sketches” combine with full-color illustrations that capture his emotions, fears and daily frustrations. Recommended ages 10+.

Blood Orange

February 28, 2019

Blood Orange  Multiple story lines converge in this London thriller. Criminal lawyer, wife and adultress, Alison has a rising career, faithful husband, and adorable daughter and yet can barely keep juggling her out-of-control drinking and lover without her life falling apart.  Opening with a drunken scene revealing Alison’s illicit life of drinking and furtive coupling with her lover, Blood Orange introduces Alison’s latest coup- her first murder case. While her husband, Carl, seems almost too good to be true, Alison’s choices seem bound to catch her up in the end. Patrick, her secret lover, treats her badly and is also an attorney assigned to the murder case. As the threads of each story line begin to merge, we learn that although Alison is making bad decisions there are others choosing far worse options that will lead to permanent consequences.

A formidable debut.

Anonymous Girl

February 21, 2019

An Anonymous Girl Suspend your disbelief for this thriller set in  New York City. Jess is a pretty 20-something make-up artist struggling to get by when she signs up to participate in a research study to earn some extra money.  First she answers questions on a computer as ‘Subject #52.’ Later she is asked to perform more involved tasks. But why?  She doesn’t know anything about Dr. Shields, the professor in charge of the study.  As she digs deeper and gets more entangled,  Jess realizes this is more than just a research study. It’s more sinister than anything she imagined.  As long as you buy into the premise, you’ll enjoy the twists and tangles.

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