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Mrs. March

September 25, 2021
Mrs. March: A Novel by [Virginia Feito]

The latest title with an unreliable female narrator, Mrs. March is a suspenseful thriller with an old-fashioned ‘Hitchcock’ style narrative. A dark study of a woman’s instability and unravelling, Mrs. March is the wife of a successful author who believes everyone is talking about her. Mr. March’s latest book is a popular novel with a prostitute as the main character. When someone casually mentions that her husband based the character on her, Mrs. March grows more paranoid and descends into madness. I enjoyed following how she grows more and more suspicious of everyone around her and her warped reactions to events. The book has already been optioned to be made into a movie starring Elizabeth Moss.

National Book Award Lists

September 16, 2021

This week the National Book Award finalists were announced. If you like lists, then check out the nominees in these categories: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translated literature, and young people’s literature. Winners will be named on October 5. The winner will be announced during the awards ceremony on November 17.

September Roses

September 9, 2021
Cover image for September roses

As the 20 year mark approaches, I am reminded of this picture book about 9/11. When the planes hit the towers, two women from South Africa had just arrived in New York for a flower show. When the show was cancelled, they formed the thousands of roses into the shape of the Twin Towers in Union Square Park. This short picture book describes the memorial with heartfelt simplicity. Never intending the book to get published, Winter was persuaded to submit her handmade book. September Roses is a window into the events of this tragic time that children can understand.

LeBron James Middle Grade Fiction

September 2, 2021

Basketball star LeBron James has just released his first chapter book, We Are Family. Five kids are looking forward to the after school basketball program when the news it is cancelled shatters their dreams. James builds the plot to make it more than just about a ball game. The team is a “family, an escape, a dream.” Knowing the author is a professional athlete propels the story forward and each player is built up so we invest in the outcome of the story.

Lake Life

August 26, 2021
The novel is less concerned with the origins of dysfunction than with how it plays out.

Lake Life follows the Starling family during their last summer before they sell their vacation home. The parents, Richard and Lisa, are successful academics working at Cornell. Their two sons, Michael and Thad, arrive with their partners, Diane and Jake. On the brink of retiring, the parents have decided to downsize and move to Florida. The sons aren’t happy that their childhood getaway is about to be taken away from them. Both children have more serious and immediate problems to be faced. Diane is pregnant despite their promise never to have children. Michael also has a drinking problem he is hiding and denying. Thad’s two year relationship with Jake is about to be put to the test when they visit Jake’s ex. The parents are transitioning as well as they must choose to separate or stay together when their marriage is tested. Underneath the backdrop of a North Carolina town, the chapters rotate among the characters as each one is forced to confront hard choices. Recommended.

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