Splendid Table: 641.5

If you enjoy reading the latest cookbook and watching cooking shows, then you are already familiar with the 641.5 section of the library: cookbooks! Another fun place to spend time listening and learning about food is the radio show The Splendid Table. Locally available on 93.9 FM or 820 AM radio, this hour-long program hosts popular chefs, answers puzzling cooking questions and brings together amateurs and professionals of the kitchen. Our library has many of the cookbooks discussed on The Splendid Table. I often hear my favorites as guests on the program and learn about new chefs. Be sure to listen to the show, visit the web site, and discover some of our cook books in the 641.5 section.

Literary Pod Casts

While I was waiting for my next audio book to arrive off the wait list, I researched book related podcasts. Here is a list of 90 Best UK Book Podcasts to check out. The list includes audio books for children (such as the free Story Books for Kids and Story Nory), the Richard and Judy Book Club (the UK’s biggest book club), and other book-related categories.

Again, Rachel

Rachel is a recovering addict working as a therapist at a rehabilitation center for addicts in Ireland (which she also attended years ago). She is happy with her job, her family, and her boyfriend. She receives an ‘invitation’ to attend the funeral of the mother of her ex-husband and is thrown off-kilter considering whether or not to attend. She hasn’t seen or spoken to her ex for about 6 years. Luke left her and moved to the United States and she has unresolved issues regarding the end of their marriage. The story includes colorful details of Rachel’s patients at the rehab center as she tries to help them recover from their various addictions. With humor and regret, Rachel revisits the past as she confronts her ex-husband and faces the truth about the end of their relationship. This is book #7 in the Walsh family series although it is fine to read as a stand alone novel. Recommended.

The Mitten: An Ukrainian Folktale

If you’re looking to learn more about the Ukraine, the children’s book, The Mitten: An Ukrainian Folktale is one way to explore. This charming folktale published in the 1980’s teaches the ideas of helping others in need and sharing limited resources. The illustrations are bold with clean lines. This is story to be read year after year starting with little ones aged 4-5.

I Survived Graphic series

There are 6 books now available in the popular Lauren Tarshis ‘I Survived’ series. This under 100 page book series is popular with the younger set. The graphic editions are equally attractive and closely follow the original title. Available in graphic format so far are the I Survived: 1) Shark Attacks 2) Nazi Invasion 3) September 11 Attacks 4) Attack of the Grizzlies 5) Hurricane Katrina and 6) Sinking of the Titanic. Most of these titles are also available in a digital format to be read on a device free through Overdrive/Libby.