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Murder is for Keeps

May 23, 2017

index.aspxThe latest mystery by Elizabeth J. Duncan finds Penny Brannigan, the main character in the series, stumbling upon a dead body at Gwrych Castle in North Wales. She was painting the castle scene as the fourth in a series she intended to donate to the upcoming fundraiser. But when Penny notices a truck remaining in the parking lot after the workers had gone home, and decides to investigate the grounds, she finds the body of one John Hardwick. The plot thickens to involve an old grudge and some letters from the 1920s, written by the grandmother of a friend of Penny’s. Duncan writes very descriptive novels that are set in the countryside of Wales and are very “bloodless” mysteries, perfect for those fans who prefer this genre.

Death of a Ghost

May 9, 2017

bookThe latest in M.C. Beaton’s Hamish Macbeth series finds the police sergeant and his sidekick, Constable Charlie Carter, investigating reports of a ghost haunting the home of the retired police superintendent Hanover Ebrington. But a harmless prank becomes sinister after the duo stumbles upon a dead body in the underground tunnels of the house; a body which mysteriously disappears shortly after it is found.  A teenage gang of  black market smugglers is accused by the department detectives, but Hamish is not buying the easy answer, especially after another dead body turns up. Adultery, murder and drug smuggling further complicate Hamish’s search for the murderer, and takes the reader on a colorful journey through the wilds of northern Scotland. Recommended for fans of Beaton’s murder and mayhem.

The Cutaway

April 22, 2017

bookA first novel by Christina Kovac, The Cutaway is a fast-paced crime drama that centers around a news producer, Virginia, who finds herself caught up in a murder. Evelyn Carney, a young D.C. lawyer, goes missing and her body is later discovered among the reeds of the Potomac River. While chasing the story, Virginia is drawn into unraveling the threads of the crime, which involves some heavy hitters: two partners at the firm where Evelyn worked, the D.C. chief of police, and a politician. Having a photogenic memory for faces, Virginia is positive that she had seen the victim while working a story, and is determined to find her killer.

The author has a 17 year history in news, working for Fox 5, ABC and NBC, including shows like Meet the Press, the Today show and Nightly News, and has turned out a superb first effort.

Where They Found Her

March 26, 2017

bookKimberly McCreight has written a fast paced mystery combining murder, infidelity, and the issues between parents and their children. When the body of a newborn is found near a college campus, reporter Molly Sanderson is assigned the story for the town paper. Although she had suffered a miscarriage a few years after having Ella, her daughter, Molly is learning to put the past behind her and pick up the pieces of her life. After all, she has a loving husband, daughter Ella, and her friends in her life for support. When Molly links the baby’s death to the death of a young college boy found years ago in the same area, it causes havoc among the town residents. McCreight has created well developed characters, and the dialogue moves the novel right along. Lots of twists and turns keep the reader’s interest. I would definitely recommend it for mystery fans.

I See You

March 25, 2017


bookAfter reading this thriller by Clare Mackintosh, I am glad that I don’t travel on England’s Underground every day. Greed fuels a website,, that runs in tandem with a daily classified dating ad in the London Gazette, featuring pictures of differently aged women. Only these pictures are posted without the individual’s knowledge, in a bizarre dating game. The women are commuters on London’s subways, and the host of the website sells subscriptions to the site, which lists information on each woman, to any man willing to pay the price to join. When Zoe Walker sees a photo of herself in the adverts, she begins to worry. Especially when she connects a murder to one of the photos. A fast moving plot will keep you guessing until the very end, with an unexpected horrifying twist. A great read for fans of this genre.

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