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Murderous Mistral

December 30, 2017

index (1)Set in Provence, Cay Rademacher has penned a novel with Captaine Roger Blanc as the main protagonist. Working in Paris on an anti-corruption squad, after successfully solving a case the capitaine finds himself transferred to a small town in Provence. Blanc’s enthusiasm was not appreciated in the Parisian political arena, thus the need to bury him far away in the south of France. His marriage breaks up at the same time, so he moves into an old abandoned house that was left to him in his new location. Blanc and his partner Tonon,  a tired older lieutenant, are handed what appears to be a routine murder case. However, after another murder is committed, Blanc becomes suspicious and uses his investigative skills to delve further into solving the case. A primer into French procedural techniques for the interested.


November 1, 2017

2 bookThe latest title in the Detective Michael Bennett series by James Patterson and James Born finds Detective Bennett beside himself with worry over his eldest son, Brian. Since he wouldn’t give up the name of his dealer when found selling drugs, Brian cannot plea bargain his felony to a lesser charge, and upon being found guilty, is sent to jail. Bennett hits the streets determined to discover the name of Brian’s dealer. But the detective must also balance his need to help Brian with the needs of his other 9 kids, so he and his girlfriend hit the road for a vacation in Maine. There he discovers that drugs are just as much of a evil there as well. Haunted has a fast pace, several murders, and is a quick read. Since it was my first Patterson mystery novel, I will be going back to read others in this series. Recommended for fans of police thrillers.


October 4, 2017

2 bookAlex Cooper, Assistant DA of NYC, is back to star in yet another thriller by Linda Fairstein. But this time she is the suspect being interrogated regarding the suspicious death of a highly placed figure in the DA’s office. The title refers to an entanglement, which Alex refers to in the early pages of the novel regarding the murder. However, it has another meaning unknown to her; deadfall is also a hunting term meaning to set up a trap to catch a large animal. Her referral to this term will set her up as a prime suspect. The usual “suspects” are back as well: Detectives Mercer and Chapman, who help Alex in her fight to clear herself in the murder case. A great read for fans of legal thrillers.

The Lost Boy

September 27, 2017

2 bookSwedish author Camilla Lackberg pens another crime thriller that does not disappoint the reader. Detective Patrik Hedstrom has his hands full trying to solve a murder case where the victim seems to have been a pleasantly social guy, yet no one knows much about him. But the pieces eventually fall into place, despite Patrik’s hectic home life. His wife just delivered twins after having been in an serious accident with her sister, who lost her baby. Back to work after a recent heart problem, he methodically collects layers of information involving the sale of illegal drugs, more murders, an agency that helps female victims of domestic abuse, and a ruthless gang. Not for the faint of heart, but those who enjoy a fast paced murder mystery will enjoy this one.


September 13, 2017

2 bookThe grisly murders of three family members in Brooklyn in 1992, both parents and their young foster daughter, were pinned on the teenage foster son, DeShawn Perkins, who was living in the home at the time. Fast forward to 2014, where Rebekah Roberts is a reporter at the NY Tribune. Bored with her assignments, she befriends Amanda, a blog writer who tracks murders in NYC, and becomes involved in a wrongful conviction project. Rebekah discovers a recent letter written by DeShawn Perkins, 22 years after he went to jail, protesting his innocence. Julia Dahl writes a tightly packed novel, weaving all the strands of the various characters actions together into a neat package by the end. She is an Edgar Award finalist for her previous book, Invisible City. Recommended for all murder mystery fans.

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