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The Widower’s Wife

August 28, 2019

indexAna and Tom Bacon are a married couple facing down bankruptcy. Living “high on the hog”, Tom, a trader on Wall Street makes a disastrous mistake and loses his job. Ana walks out on hers after her boss makes an unwanted move on her. The plan is to for both to take out million dollar life insurance policies, and Tom to fake his death so Ana can collect. But he’s turned down due to mental illness in the family, so Ana must fake her own death instead. She goes over the rail while on a cruise, but was it planned or did her husband help her along? Ryan Monahan is investigating the claim, and searches for the truth. A few of the elements seem a little too forced, Ana’s father is beaten up by gang members in Brazil who demand money, for one. But on the whole the action is well paced and the conclusion is satisfying.


August 7, 2019


Denise Mina explains to her readers on the first page of this novel why her protagonist, Anna, has assumed a new identity. We gradually learn the details, as Anna flees from her soon-to-be ex-husband and her two daughters in order to save her life. It involves a shocking instance in her past, and the murders of three people, one of whom Anna knew. The reader unravels the mystery of their deaths along with Anna, with a surprising twist at the end. Good read for mystery lovers!

The House of Silk

July 10, 2019

bookAnthony Horowitz has written a Sherlock Holmes novel from Dr. Watson’s perspective. Holmes is approached by an art dealer in London, who claims a member of an American gang is after him for revenge. Holmes, of course investigates, and along the way he enlists the help of a band of poor street kids he calls “the Baker Street Irregulars”. But when one of the boys is cruelly murdered, Holmes resolves to catch his killer. It’s a well-written mystery, with a few dark elements. Recommended for mystery fans who don’t mind a few brutal murders…

Blood Orange

March 13, 2019

Alison Wood has been a practicing lawyer in England for 15 years when she is handed her first murder case. Madeleine Smith has been arrested and charged with the death of  her husband Edwin, stabbing him multiple times in their bedroom. But there is a lot buried under the surface of this apparently cut- and -dried case, as Alison discovers in the process of defending her client. But she has a few distractions to deal with along the way: her excessive drinking is affecting her judgement, and she is cheating on her husband with a lawyer friend. This is a debut novel by Harriet Tyce, and she employs a shocking twist at the end that the reader will enjoy. I’m looking forward to her next novel.


February 6, 2019

indexWhen Maggie finds out her daughter has died in a plane crash, she is shocked and devastated. She hasn’t had a close relationship with her daughter Allison since Maggie’s husband, Charles died, but she loves her nonetheless. The reader finds out in the first chapter that Allison has survived the crash, but also that her life is in danger. Someone knows that she knows too much about the problems her husband’s drug company is experiencing and needs to silence her. The author, Jessica Barry, writes a taut paced novel with alternating chapters told in Allison’s and Maggie’s voices. I thought this was a great read, and look forward to more titles by this author. This is her debut novel.

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