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Blood Orange

March 13, 2019

Alison Wood has been a practicing lawyer in England for 15 years when she is handed her first murder case. Madeleine Smith has been arrested and charged with the death of  her husband Edwin, stabbing him multiple times in their bedroom. But there is a lot buried under the surface of this apparently cut- and -dried case, as Alison discovers in the process of defending her client. But she has a few distractions to deal with along the way: her excessive drinking is affecting her judgement, and she is cheating on her husband with a lawyer friend. This is a debut novel by Harriet Tyce, and she employs a shocking twist at the end that the reader will enjoy. I’m looking forward to her next novel.


February 6, 2019

indexWhen Maggie finds out her daughter has died in a plane crash, she is shocked and devastated. She hasn’t had a close relationship with her daughter Allison since Maggie’s husband, Charles died, but she loves her nonetheless. The reader finds out in the first chapter that Allison has survived the crash, but also that her life is in danger. Someone knows that she knows too much about the problems her husband’s drug company is experiencing and needs to silence her. The author, Jessica Barry, writes a taut paced novel with alternating chapters told in Allison’s and Maggie’s voices. I thought this was a great read, and look forward to more titles by this author. This is her debut novel.

Juror #3

January 27, 2019

index (1)Ruby Bozarth is about to try her first murder case as an attorney in Rosedale, Mississippi. Darrien Summers is on trial for his life, a young black man charged with the murder of a local socialite, and faces the death penalty if he’s convicted. Ruby, under the guidance of her ex-boyfriend’s aunt Suzanne, a local seasoned attorney, manages to successfully defend her client. Thanks in part to Juror # 3, of course. And now Ruby’s ex is on trial for murder, and she is once again under the gun as she attempts to clear him. This is another quick read by James Patterson (and Nancy Allen), and superbly well-done.

Tear Me Apart

November 3, 2018

aa bookAny fans of psychological thrillers must read this latest offering from J.T. Ellison. Lauren and Jasper’s daughter Mindy has it all, a superlative skier whose star is headed straight to the Olympics if she wins this race. But when she misses a gate and crashes, a broken leg is the result. However, when she reaches the hospital, further tests reveal a more worrisome health concern. A donor must be found immediately, and there are problems when those close to her don’t qualify. Ellison turns a simple search into a suspense-filled all out hunt, with a possible deadly outcome. Great page turner…

The One

August 25, 2018

111 bookWhat would happen if your DNA could be perfectly matched to find your true soulmate? In this novel by John Marrs, a scientist has discovered how to do so, a process neatly wrapped up in the app Match Your DNA. For only 9.99 pounds, anyone can find out the details behind the name that is matched with his/hers. And millions are doing so, leaving current spouses to find their perfect soulmate. Marrs writes a clever tale, following the lives of several who have taken the online plunge. At the same time, there is a serial killer loose in London, eluding apprehension by the police, who have no suspects. The One is a real page turner, complete with a thrilling twist at its conclusion.

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