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Murder in an Irish Pub

June 2, 2021

Carlene O’Connor has written a series of murder mysteries set in Ireland. This title is number 4 in the series, and it does not disappoint. Siobhan O’Sullivan is a Garda, or policewoman, in her small town of Kilbane, County Cork, Ireland. Her parents are deceased, and it is up to her to keep an eye on her five younger siblings, in addition to her full time job policing. When a poker player is found hanging from the rafter in a locked room in an Irish pub, most assume it has to be a suicide. But Siobhan’s superb detective skills have her pursuing her belief that Eamon Foley was murdered. It’s the classic “locked in” mystery and very enjoyable.

The Survivors

March 7, 2021

Kieran has carried around the guilt over his older brother Finn’s death for years. Along with Toby, the brother of Kieran’s best friend Sean, Finn attempted to save a young Kieran, trapped in a sea cave during a terrible storm in Evelyn Bay, Tasmania, where they were living at the time. But the attempt was unsuccessful; their boat capsized and both boys died. A young girl went missing during the same storm, and was never found. Years later, Kieran is forced to return to Evelyn Bay to help his mother relocate, due to his father’s dementia. When a young waitress is found murdered, the investigation reopens past wounds that threaten the stability of Kieran’s present life. In her newest offering, Jane Harper writes a tightly woven novel about the lengths someone will go to to cover past events, with quite a surprising twist at its end.

Air Time

March 7, 2021

Number three in the Charlotte McNally series by Hank Phillipi Ryan, Air Time showcases its protagonist, Charlie, a Boston investigative reporter who goes undercover to try and nail some counterfeiters of “knockoffs” within the fashion industry. Frequently called away from her boyfriend and his 9 year old daughter due to a breaking story, Charlie tries to balance work and family life rather unsuccessfully. The author writes from life experience: Ryan herself is an award winning on-air investigative reported for Boston’s WHDH-TV, with over 45 years in the field. Air Time is a quick moving novel that will delight mystery fans…

Twisted Twenty-Six

February 26, 2020


Stephanie Plum is back at work, but she has to keep an eye on her Grandma Mazur, a recent widow. Grandma was married very briefly to a mobster, actually for about 45 minutes, when her hubby Jimmy died of a heart attack. But his associates, the “Lazy-Boys” (named for the chairs they all hang out in) are convinced that Grandma has the keys to a fortune that they want in on. Stephanie has her usual co-horts: Lulu, Morelli, and Ranger, but can she locate the keys in time to save Grandma? Check it out…

Clear My Name

February 19, 2020

indexTess Gilroy is an investigator for Innocence UK, an organization that tries to free unjustly convicted people from jail. She is working on the case of Carrie Kamara, whose daughter contacted Tess’s employer to plead her mother’s case. Carrie is serving a 15 year sentence for fatally stabbing her husband’s lover. Tess has to find the real killer, but a secret from her past returns to haunt her and could impact the case.  Paula Daly pens a gripping novel that gives the reader a birds-eye view into a women’s prison and the justice system.

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