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Best Crime Novels of 2017-18

May 6, 2018

aaabookBooklist, a journal by the ALA, contains an annotated list of the year’s best crime novels (May 2017 – April 2018)  in the current May issue. All the titles are stand-alone editions. My personal favorite of the 20 novels is Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh, the subject of a previous post, but I intend to read a few more on the list. For those who enjoy a good mystery, another list to check out is this year’s Edgar Award finalists. This award is given by the Mystery Writers of America Association to the “best of the best.”

The Woman Left Behind

May 1, 2018

bookJina Modell works in Washington, D.C. , handling communication for a paramilitary outfit from the comfort of her desk. But thanks to budget cuts, she is being reassigned to the team itself, to work in the field. So after surviving field training, Jina is assigned permanently to her team, run by Levi Butcher, code name Ace. Linda Howard weaves a tale of romance through harrowing descriptions of life in the dangerous fields of war. The team finds itself dispatched to Syria, with a suspense-filled outcome. A satisfying read for those who like a thriller edged with romance.

Let Me Lie

April 4, 2018

bookClare Mackintosh is the queen of the psychological thriller. She has penned another very suspenseful mystery centered around the protagonist Anna Johnson, who has lost both her parents to suicide. Or so she believes, until a note is left in her mailbox telling her to rethink that verdict. Clare takes the note seriously, relating her story to a front desk retired detective at the local police station. Murray the retired detective begins to quietly dig into the files of Clare’s parents, bouncing his ideas off his wife, who has mental issues of her own. The further he delves, the more he discovers that the note may have been correct. The twists and turns of the novel will keep you hooked, right up to the finish line. Another winner by Mackintosh.

Death of an Honest Man

March 25, 2018

bookScottish Police Sergeant Hamish Macbeth is back, and this time he is investigating the death of Paul English, an arrogant, greedy and nasty man who is constantly telling folks exactly what he thinks of them. Hamish’s assistant Charlie Carter is on the case with him, but soon thereafter, Charlie  finds himself following up on a new love interest as well. Detective Chief Inspector Blair is determined to ruin both Charlie and Hamish, until he is arrested for the murder. The usual characters all aid Hamish & his assistant in trying to solve the murder, which he does (of course) solve, but in a manner so as to give Blair the credit. Unfortunately that has an unintended result… Another enjoyable read by M.C.Beaton in the Hamish MacBeth series.

Murderous Mistral

December 30, 2017

index (1)Set in Provence, Cay Rademacher has penned a novel with Captaine Roger Blanc as the main protagonist. Working in Paris on an anti-corruption squad, after successfully solving a case the capitaine finds himself transferred to a small town in Provence. Blanc’s enthusiasm was not appreciated in the Parisian political arena, thus the need to bury him far away in the south of France. His marriage breaks up at the same time, so he moves into an old abandoned house that was left to him in his new location. Blanc and his partner Tonon,  a tired older lieutenant, are handed what appears to be a routine murder case. However, after another murder is committed, Blanc becomes suspicious and uses his investigative skills to delve further into solving the case. A primer into French procedural techniques for the interested.

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