Return To Me

A friend recently recommended this DVD title to me, and I am so glad that I watched it. It’s a wonderful plot where Bob, a young widower (David Duchovny), tired of being set up on dates by good intentioned friends, finally meets someone he really likes. And the young waitress/painter – Grace- is equally enamored with him. However, there is a twist that threatens to end the relationship on the brink of a marriage proposal. The cast is fantastic: Minnie Driver, Bonnie Hunt, Jim Belushi, Carroll O’Connor, Robert Loggia (all veteran comedic actors) and the film is directed by Bonnie Hunt. It’s a real “feel good” movie, with great laughs. I give it 5 stars!

Flora & Ulysses : the movie 2/19/21

Kate DiCamillo’s Flora and Ulysses is coming to Disney streaming next week. Several of her books have already been made into popular films (example: Because of Winn-Dixie). The story stars a special squirrel who is saved from being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. DiCamillo’s Tiger Rising novel is set to come to the big screen this year as well. Time to get caught up on your DicCamillo books!


filmI recently watched the film “Tolkien” about the famous author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is a fascinating glimpse into his life, and the actor Nicholas Hoult, who portrayed J.R.R.Tolkien, did a wonderful job bringing his character to life. For anyone interested, Kanopy has a documentary about the influence of the places Tolkien loved on his creation of the world of “Middle Earth”. It was my first time using this library movie resource, and was very easy to use, which is always a plus! You just need your library card and pin number to sign up.

This Is Us

11 bookHaving completed its first season on NBC, the series This Is Us is slated to return in September for another season. My daughter recommended this show to me, so I thought I would watch an episode or two just to tell her that I watched the show. Well, 13 episodes later, thanks to On Demand viewing, I am completely hooked. This is Us is a drama about three siblings, Kevin, Kate and Randall, their families and their lives in general. It reminds me of a serious version of Seinfeld in a way, since it tackles everyday issues which are so common that one can immediately relate to the situation. The timeline moves around quite a bit, with pieces of their earlier lives sandwiched between present day scenes, so pay close attention. You won’t regret it!

“Captain Fantastic”

Billed as a comedy/drama, “Captain Fantastic” is a unique view of a family who has adapted an alternative life style.  Viggo Mortensen is the father of a family of six children, who live in the wilderness of Washington state.  Ben Cash and his wife Leslie have become extremely disillusioned with the American way of life.   As a result, they have decided to raise their children in an area where they can co-exist with nature.

When the film opens, Leslie, who suffers from a bi-polar disorder, is being hospitalized in Arizona.  Ben Cash continues to home school his children and provide for their physical and mental health as well.  When the family receives word that Leslie has taken her life, they decide to make the trip to Leslie’s parents’ home in Arizona where she will be buried.0025192358913_p0_v2_s118x184.jpg

As they journey from Washington to Arizona in the family bus, we learn more about the family and how fiercely loyal they are to one another.  Trouble will ensue when Ben Cash protests to Leslie’s family about their funeral arrangements for their daughter. Conflict and a reevaluation of what’s best for the family will result in a stronger family unit.

As this year ends and film critics announce their picks for the best films of 2016, “Captain Fantastic” is finding its way on to many lists.  Viggo Mortensen’s performance is also being talked about as being one of the best of the year.

This is a film with a strong ensemble cast.  Quirky yet sincere this film has definitely found a following among movie goers.