How to Impress a Patron

A patron came in today and she had three DVD titles that she was interested in watching. She remembered the first two, but could not remember the last title. As we’re talking and she’s trying to remember, she mentioned that she had been on a flight recently and that was where she had seen the movies and decided to rent them when she got home. I asked her which airline and how recently had she traveled. She looked at me like I was crazy, but she told me it was an international flight on United and they had traveled in the last couple of days.  I looked up “United Airlines Inflight Movies,” which led to the company’s “Inflight Feature Films” page and I was able to find the films she was looking for. This just served as a reminder that you can find all sorts of information online nowadays. Oh, and the patron was really impressed!

Google Search Tips

Google has search operators just like a database.  For example, if you want to search for a whole phrase, you would use quotations (“) around the phrase. If you wanted to exclude a word, you would use a dash (-) before the word. If you wanted to search a particular site or domain, you would use a colon (:). Check out this link for more information and examples of Google’s search operators.

Google has an Advanced Search page as well, which always you to enter multiple search terms and to narrow your results as well. I find the ways that Google wants to narrow your search interesting because it asks you if you want to limit by region, reading level, format, SafeSearch (to filter sexually explicit content), and more.  I would really check it out and I’m considering making their Advanced Search my homepage.

AtoZdabases adds health professionals

AtoZdatabases now includes healthcare professionals in their database listings. For instance, if you are new to the area or need a new dermatologist and you want to see a female doctor, you can limit your search to Rockland County, female doctors, dermatologists. Surprisingly, my dermatologist at Dermatolgy Center of Rockland was not listed. Neither were her two other female colleagues.

But these doctors also didn’t show up on the NYS Doctor Finder database. I’m beginning to wonder…

So I searched the NYS Doctor Finder by her name and she is a board certified Dermatologist. Phew. I guess she never submitted more information so she does not come up on location searches. I do like the NYS Doctor Finder because that website will tell you if there are any malpractice suits against the doctor.

As we all know, these searches aren’t perfect, but they can be a good starting point.

AtoZdatabases adds job listings

AtoZdatabases Jobs Database has gone live. Patrons will now be able to search for a job by title, keyword or business name. They also have the choice of part time, full time, or internship. They can search within a specific zip code, state or city or go nationwide. At this time the jobs tips have not been added. That should be added within the next few weeks.
To get to the job listings just open the AtoZdatabases under Business. This is the same database that is used to look up businesses and individuals.

Fantastic Fiction

Andrew recommended a website to me for easily finding out the publish dates of the material of popular authors.  The website is based out of the U.K. Check it out here:

It looks like a very simple database, but it has everything the author has ever published, including materials written under pen names if the name is known to the public.  It also endeavors to list works about the author, as well as books the author recommends.  Interesting stuff and definitely worth taking a look at when you get a chance!