Medline Plus- Excellent Resource

Medline Plus is a really great resource for patrons regarding medical questions. The website is  run by the U.S. Library of Medicine. It focuses on three main subject headings: Health Topics, Drugs & Supplements, and Video & Cool Tools. The website provides information about diseases, diagnoses, and even shows videos of surgical procedures if the patron is interested.

I recently used this website to look up an endoscopy before my procedure. I watched what was basically a Powerpoint about the whole process. The presentation took me through it step-by-step: what I should do to prepare, the procedure, what to expect afterwards, etc. It was a great tool and it helped me to know what to expect.

It’s a great resource and I highly recommend it. Check it out here.

Libraries As E-Book Publishers- Jamie LaRue Speaker

Hi, Everyone!

Last night, Jamie LaRue spoke at my ALA Student Chapter meeting. Jamie LaRue is the Director of the Douglas County Library System in Colorado and a public speaker. He has led the Douglas County System into the brave new world of the libraries acting as publisher for e-books. He details the decision making process and how it’s actually saving the library money. I thought you all might be interested in hearing him speak, so I’m posting the link on this blog. Jamie LaRue’s lecture. The lecture is about 30 minutes, the last 15 minutes or so are chapter business, so you can skip that of course!

It will open on Blackboard Collaborate, so you have to click “open” for Java and you’ll have to click “run.” The software will not harm your computer in any way and does not permanently add the program to your computer. E-mail me if you have any questions.


Harry Potter books available on Overdrive

I recently purchased all seven of the Harry Potter books for Kindle and Nook. The Harry Potter library ebook model is a new twist in how libraries can offer ebooks. These books can circulate as many times as possible but only for 5 years. Then we have to buy the books again.

HarperCollins famously made their library ebooks available for only 26 downloads. I prefer the Harry Potter model because people often download books and never get around to reading them. That could quickly use up 26 circulations. With many books, 5 years is long enough. After 5 years the books have fallen out of favor and you don’t want them clogging up your browsing lists. Or, after 5 years you know they are still popular and you buy them again. Or, after 5 years Overdrive doesn’t exist and it is a mute point.

Random House is still selling ebooks to libraries for the original all you can loan for as long as you want, but they have tripled their prices.  $80 for an ebook anyone?