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Dear Evan Hansen

October 30, 2019

indexIn computer lab, Evan Hansen has taken his therapist’s advice and written himself a letter that begins,  “Dear Evan Hansen … ” When it later winds up in the pocket of Connor Murphy, a classmate who has committed suicide, Evan finds it difficult to tell the truth about the letter. From its contents, Connor’s parents think Evan was a close friend. Can Evan find the courage to set them straight after getting entangled in lie after lie? This was a good treatment of suicide, and an important book for teens to read.

A Heart In A Body In the World

November 4, 2018

aa bookDeb Caletti, a National Book Finalist for her earlier novel Honey, Baby, Sweetheart has crafted a masterpiece in this latest teen novel. Annabelle Agnelli has experienced a major trauma in her life, and has taken to running across country to escape her pain. The reader is not enlightened as to the exact nature of her trauma until the end of the novel, but the event leaves Annabelle with an emotionally damaged heart. It was an impulsive act, her decision to run from Seattle to Washington, D.C.; she just snaps one day in the parking lot of Dick’s Drive-in and bolts. But with her grandpa becoming her coach and mentor by following her in his RV each day, and her friends and younger brother who show their support for her with a GoFundMe page and by creating contacts in the various cities she will hit, Annabelle begins to believe that she may actually be able to complete this run. This novel is heartbreaking, but deals firmly with issues of  helplessness and depression against innocent victims of violence in today’s world, and is a must read for all.

2018 Teens Top Ten Nominees…

April 18, 2018

TeensTopTen_logo_web… have just been announced for the best teen books of the previous year. The list contains 25 titles nominated by teen book groups across the US. Teens are invited to apply to join one of 20 book groups nationwide, although no NY libraries are participating this year. Advance copies are sent to the groups from publishers and the teens must then submit reviews of the titles and can keep the books. All teens can then vote  for their favorite book on the list, beginning in August, and the 10 titles with the most votes will comprise the final list. This initiative is sponsored by YALSA, the Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of ALA (American Libraries Association).

Down and Across

March 11, 2018

bookRunning away is Scott’s go-to plan when he finds himself in a place where he doesn’t want to be. While his parents are in Iran taking care of his ill grandfather, Scott decides the internship his dad set up for him in a Philly research lab is not for him, and quits after the first week. He jumps on a bus to Washington D.C, to track down a college professor who is an authority on grit, a trait Scott decides he needs to develop. He makes friends during his D.C. adventure: Fiona, a cruciverbalist, or creator of crossword puzzles, whose daring and spunk impress the heck out of Scott, or Saaket, as Fiona call him by his Arabic name. He also meets Trent, a gay bartender and friend of Fiona’s who is looking to break into the political arena , and takes Saaket under his wing. A debut teen novel by Arvin Ahmadi, Down and Across is a humorous and honest look at friendship, core values and navigating the road to adulthood.

Before I Let Go

February 14, 2018

index (2)Corey hadn’t answered her best friend Kyra’s last few letters. After all, she was busy trying to find her place at her new school, after moving away from their home town of Lost, Alaska. And she’s due home for a week visit soon, so she has plenty of time to catch up with Kyra then. But a few days before Corey is due to leave, Kyra is found dead, floating in a lake. Now Corey has a week to figure out what happened. Why didn’t Kyra hang on until Corey got there? Suddenly, Lost feels like an entirely different place. The townspeople treat Corey like an outsider, and no one will give her any answers to why Kyra died. The story deals with mental illness, and lists resources at the end for help and treatment for anyone who would need it. A haunting story…

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