Libraries circulating bikes

Besides books and dvd’s, patrons can also check out electric bikes in any of the nine libraries in Madison, Wisconsin. A growing trend, bikes of all kinds are available in various libraries across the country: road bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent and electric bikes, as well as other gear. New York or New Jersey libraries are not yet lending, however, but you can access the full listing here.

For Whom the Book Tolls

If you are looking for a good cozy mystery, this book is for you. It is the first title in the “Antique Bookshop Mystery” series, where Jenna, the protagonist, is traveling from Charlotte, NC to her uncle’s Paul’s house in Hokes Folly. She is jobless, and he’s offered her a place to stay. But she arrives there to find her uncle has died from a suspicious fall down a staircase. It quickly becomes a murder case, and since Jenna is the sole heir of his estate, she is the chief suspect. Jenna is determined to find the killer to clear herself, while keeping out of the criminal’s crosshairs. Tune in to find out what happens. I liked this title, there are 2 more in the series if you become hooked like I did.

Blood Sugar

This is the first novel I’ve read by this author, but it definitely held my interest. Ruby Simon is accused of murdering her husband, but she is innocent. Yet she has had a hand in three other murders, so proving her innocence in this case is quite difficult. Can she manage to clear herself when the evidence is stacked against her? You’ll have to read it and find out…

Thursday Morning Murder Club Again

Number 3 in the series holds up well as we get cozy again with the 4 senior citizen members of the Thursday Morning Murder Club. Living in a retirement community in England, the 4 solve cold cases and surprise and stump whoever they meet with their knack for solving long-buried mysteries. I found this edition just as enjoyable as the first 2 as we get more page time with some of the more peripheral characters (Bogdan, Stephen, Detectives Donna and Chris). Osman’s craft with staging scenes of danger balanced with these older characters is charming and easy to picture as a scene in a movie. The mystery hardly matters when spending time with this gang. Thumbs up.

Consumer Reports

As I was barcoding the December issue of Consumer Reports, my eye caught an article on “the five second” rule. If you aren’t familiar with this practice, it refers to the idea that any food dropped on the floor picked up within 5 seconds is ok to eat. Well, not so, says Consumer Reports. Unless you can peel or wash the food item, bacteria can transferred from an infected surface almost instantly. This magazine is very helpful when it comes to deciding on purchasing an item covered in its monthly series of articles, or just looking to answer a question like ” how valid is the 5 second rule…” Our copies may be checked out for 7 days.