She Wouldn’t Change a Thing

This is a debut novel by Sarah Adlakha, and I found it very intriguing. If you had a chance to go back in time, in order to change the course of events for a very good reason, would you? Maria Forsmann is given this choice when, thirty-nine and pregnant, she wakes up from a coma and finds herself to be seventeen again and living with her parents. She finally realizes why this has happened, and now must decide what to do. She could save a life but that would mean her husband, daughter and unborn baby will not be in her life. It’s a tough decision to make. What would you do?

An Irish Country Yuletide

The latest offering by Patrick Taylor is this novella, # 16 in the Irish Country series, about two country doctors practicing in the 1960’s, in Ballybucklebo, a small fictional town in Northern Ireland. ‘Tis the season for weddings: Doctor Fingal O’Flaherty has recently married the woman of his dreams, Kitty, whom he met in the late thirties when he was studying medicine as a young man, and then lost track of. His colleague, young Barry Laverty, is smitten with a woman he hopes to propose to, Sue, a local schoolteacher. Even Kinky, the housekeeper is busy planning her own wedding. Many of the other familiar characters are present in the novella, with the addition of a new face. Lord John MacNeill’s brother, Andrew, has come for a holiday visit from Australia, to impart some news to the family. Taylor pens an uplifting novella, and fans of his will enjoy his latest addition to the series.

The Truth About Melody Browne

Lisa Jewell is one of my favorite writers, and this title was a very enjoyable read. Melody Browne has no memories of her life before 9 years old. After her parents’ house burned down, the trauma of the event helped to suppress those recollections. Now she is 33, with a son who is turning 18. After a brief encounter with a hypnotist, she passes out, and, following that, slowly begins to experience scattered memories and snapshots of the past. Little by little, Melody begins to follow the paths that her memories lead her on, embarking on a journey of self discovery, as she realizes what she experienced in her early childhood years. Ms. Jewell has a deft way of weaving relationships together, as she builds her characterizations and the plot. I definitely recommend this title!

The Party Crasher

When Effie’s parents divorced, and she met her dad’s new younger girlfriend, Krista, Effie was prepared to like her. But she rubbed Effie the wrong way, and she just couldn’t trust Krista. So they became opponents, trading thinly veiled insults at family gatherings. Worst yet, Krista has now convinced Effie’s dad to sell their childhood home. And Effie’s not invited to the “housecooling” party. So she decides to sneak into the party, deciding to recover a hidden childhood memento. As Ellie skulks around, she overhears different family conversations, revealing secrets that astonish her. Sophie Kinsella writes with her trademark humor, and this is yet another of her heartwarming novels. She is one of my absolute favorites…

When We Believed in Mermaids

Kit Bianci lost her sister, Josie, to a terrorist attack on a French train years ago. While watching the news one day, however, Kit sees a woman who looks exactly like her dead sister, during a report from New Zealand. Kit’s mother convinces her to fly to there from California to look for the woman she feels could be Josie. While searching for Josie in New Zealand, Kit meets Javier, with whom she grows very close. Will she find her long lost sister? Will Kit realize her true feelings for Javier,or dismiss them as just part of a fling? Read Barbara O’Neal’s moving novel to find these answers, and more…