Splendid Table: 641.5

If you enjoy reading the latest cookbook and watching cooking shows, then you are already familiar with the 641.5 section of the library: cookbooks! Another fun place to spend time listening and learning about food is the radio show The Splendid Table. Locally available on 93.9 FM or 820 AM radio, this hour-long program hosts popular chefs, answers puzzling cooking questions and brings together amateurs and professionals of the kitchen. Our library has many of the cookbooks discussed on The Splendid Table. I often hear my favorites as guests on the program and learn about new chefs. Be sure to listen to the show, visit the web site, and discover some of our cook books in the 641.5 section.

The Littlest Library

Poppy Alexander’s debut novel is a delightful read. Jess, a librarian in a small English village, decides to uproot herself after losing both her job and her beloved grandmother. She finds a little house near the sea and impulsively buys it, and finds out she is responsible for the red telephone box on the property as well. Deciding to convert it into a tiny library, Jess stocks it with her own and her grandmother Mimi’s books. The little library slowly catches on, as villagers delight in finding different books to read, and Jess comes to know and love them. But when the only job offer she lands is in Birmingham, too far away to commute, Jess faces up to the fact that she must sell and uproot once again. Will anyone else step up and save the day? Read it and find out…

Bark of Night

David Rosenfelt is a master at humorous mysteries (25 in this series) with courtroom drama, canine rescues, and there are usually a few mob characters involved as well. All his books are set in Paterson, New Jersey, and the protagonist is Andy Carpenter, a semi-retired lawyer who takes on cases pro bono. As one reviewer commented, “Andy’s self-deprecating humor is the author’s greatest gift” — exactly. If you like dogs, love mysteries, and like to see the good guy (always falsely accused) go free, this book’s for you!

Literary Pod Casts

While I was waiting for my next audio book to arrive off the wait list, I researched book related podcasts. Here is a list of 90 Best UK Book Podcasts to check out. The list includes audio books for children (such as the free Story Books for Kids and Story Nory), the Richard and Judy Book Club (the UK’s biggest book club), and other book-related categories.

Little Nothings

Three women friends, Liv, Binnie & Beth add a new member, Ange, to their group who initially seems genuine. However, Liv discovers over time, Ange is out to separate her from the rest of the group. Ange’s little digs begin to pile up, and during a group vacation in Greece, Liv finally has had enough and explodes. She leaves the group after finding a new friend, Clara, who is quite unconventional. But will Liz take it too far in her efforts to pay Ange back for her backstabbing? This is quite the suspense novel!