The Long Flight Home

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indexAnother new novel set during WWII, this story by Alan Hlad focuses on the role of homing pigeons, which were used by the English to convey messages from the locals in German-occupied France regarding troop movements. Operation Source Columba, referred to in the novel, is the actual name for the air-drop of thousands of pigeons in occupied zones of France and the Netherlands. In The Long Flight Home, Susan Shepherd and her grandfather are responsible members of the National  Pigeon Service who deliver their pigeons to British Services in an attempt to help win the war, knowing many of them will never return. Susan falls in love with Ollie, a brave American who is determined to be a fighter pilot for the British well before America enters the war. I particularly liked the brave actions of the members of the French Resistance, who risked their lives to save their people from the Germans, as well as the resilience of the British civilians. London was bombed for 76 consecutive nights by the Luftwaffe, a truly sobering fact. Recommended for fans of historical fiction.

Libraries support Beekeeping

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trends-bee1Libraries have become supporters of beekeepers! The above picture shows the BeeChicas tending their two hives on the rooftop of the Boulder (Colorado) Public Library. The library’s mission echoes that of the city: its commitment to pollinators, caring for the environment and modeling sustainable living. According to the latest issue of American Libraries Magazine, libraries around the country are realizing the benefits of beekeeping. Patrons benefit from informative programming and at the BPL, they can also sample the honey in the library’s cafe. Another library taking advantage of this opportunity is the Redwood City Public Library in California. Check out their livestream of bee activity. Just another neat example of how libraries continue to be relevant in the 21st century…

Such a Perfect Wife

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Such a Perfect Wife (Bailey Weggins Series #8)  This mystery by Kate White is set in the upstate village of Lake George.  The journalist digging for the truth is Bailey Weggins who is sent to there to uncover the truth about the disappearance of Shannon Blaine.  One morning she left her home to drop her children at daycare and went for a run never to be seen again.  Of course, the husband is the first suspect, but it seems that there are a lot more secrets than someone is trying to cover up and Bailey gets caught up in the center of the action.  If you’ve ever visited Lake George then the descriptions and landmarks will be familiar to you. White mentions Fort Henry, Route 9N and the classic steamer Minnie Ha-Ha.  This is a series about the young “detective” and the first one I’ve read.  A fast read that will make me seek out another in the future.

Evvie Drake Starts Over

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indexOn the day Evvie Drake is planning on leaving her husband, he is killed in a car accident. She has kept the secret of her marriage from everyone, including her best friend Andy. And now it is even harder to confess to anyone that her husband was abusive, mostly verbally but occasionally physical as well. But Andy’s childhood friend Dean, a pitcher for the Yankees, needs a place to stay while recuperating from a puzzling inability to throw a ball with any accuracy. So Evvie finds herself opening up to Dean as she has been unable to with anyone else in her life about her past, after he temporarily moves into an apartment in her house. Linda Holmes ‘s debut novel has lots of witty repartee between Evvie and Dean, with romance and jealousy thrown in as their friendship turns into a relationship. But they both need to come to terms with the past before they can work as a couple. Very enjoyable and a fun read.

The Mister

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This “review” will be short. Do not bother reading this book. It is awful. Who allowed this to go to print? It is filled with every single awful trope in the book and it doesn’t even put them together in a coherent way. If you were a fan of the Fifty Shades series and are thinking about reading this: DO NOT.

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