DEI Book choices for children

Here We is a web site cultivating lists of books related to DEI: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The annual list ranges from pre-toddlers to teens. An extensive offering with summaries, Here We Read is a good place to begin exploring this wide field of subjects covering biographies, fiction and non-fiction. The web site also has podcasts interviewing authors such as Kwame Alexander in “I’m Not a Fan of Diverse Books, I’m a fan of Diverse Thinking People. A Conversation with Kwame Alexander.”


Heartstopper is (so far) a 4-book graphic novel series and TV show on Netflix. The main characters are 15 years-old and introduce a genre of books and TV for a new generation. Are the books promoting the TV show or is the show sending kids looking to read the books? Either way, both media are a hit with the teen crowd. The article in The Atlantic calls Heartstopper “Mainstream coming-of-age stories about LGBTQ teenagers,” but one that many audiences will enjoy. Far from a dark, disturbing story of bullying, Heartstopper is more of a feel-good look at teens finding their way in the world.

Death of An Eye: An Eye of Isis Mystery

Dana Stabenow is well known for her Kate Shugak mystery series, but this title is first in a series set in Alexandria, Egypt in 45 BC, during Cleopatra VII’s reign. Her Eye, or agent, has just been murdered while tracking a lost shipment of new bronze coins commissioned by the Queen. Cleopatra chooses her childhood friend, Tetisheri, to become the new Eye, and tasks her with finding both the murderer and the lost shipment of coin. Tetisheri is aided by Apolloduros, the queen’s personal bodyguard. Stabenow paints a vivid portrait of the indignities suffered by women during that time, especially slave women. I found both this title and its sequel, Disappearance of a Scribe, to be very satisfying reads. Recommended especially for fans of historical fiction.

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As a frequent user of ebooks and e-audiobooks, having access to the NYPL digital collection widens my selection tremendously. The expansive inventory of titles available is remarkable. Getting your NYPL library card can all be done remotely/online by visiting this link. Other resources available include Flipster for online magazines, LinkedIn Learning, Mango Languages, Learning Express, Career Cruising, remote learning resources for kids, teens and educators, and an 900,000+ digitized collection of documents, the Naxos Music Library, ScienceFlix, Tumblebooks, and the New York Times archives 1980-present. Be sure to take advantage of this free resource.

Murder at Ochre Court

Alyssa Maxwell has written quite a few titles in the Gilded Newport Mystery series; this title is # 6. Emma Cross is a society news reporter in 1898 Newport, and a good example of the difficulties faced by women in the work force at the early 20th century. It was hard to be taken seriously as a professional woman. Men felt that women were too fragile to report hard news, thus Emma was reduced to covering the society pages. But she does manage to solve murders quite well. In this novel she has a few to figure out… Recommended for historical mystery fans.