Vince Flynn

For anyone who likes mysteries, Vince Flynn is a good choice for political suspense and spy novels. I read an article about him recently in the Journal News and discovered that he battled prostate cancer in late 2010 but is in much better health and just had his 13th novel “Kill Shot” published. According to the article, his books are used by the Secret Service to prevent possible problems with their security measures! He’s so close to being “on the money” that both Clinton & Bush called him “a little too accurate”. Not bad for someone who suffered from dyslexia as a child.

My New Series Addiction

I’m addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris and I’m trying to figure out why.  None of these books would ever be considered The Great American Novel, but they are startling addictive.  I’ve read seven of them in the past two weeks.  They are very easy to read, the writing style is okay, and the plots are interesting.  I think that I’m so drawn to these books because I just plain like the main character.

Has anyone else read these books?  What did you think of the series?

The Lorax

The new ‘Lorax’ movie opens next Friday March 2nd to coincide with the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  The “Read Across America” (scheduled for March 2nd) campaign is also trying to tie in with the movie release by encouraging Lorax activities for next Friday.  No, we don’t own the original ‘old’ Lorax movie.  If people ask for the book, our copy is, of course, checked out. I checked out a picture book biography for my daughter of Wangari called “Trees of Peace” (by Jeanette Winter) about the Nobel Prize winner who died this past September. It’s a good “tree” tie-in to the Lorax book.

“Believing the Lie”

I am only finished, finally, with Elizabeth George’s latest “Believing the Lie.”  One of her shorter efforts, it’s only 600 pages, she continues where she left off in her last novel.  Thomas Linley is still coping with the death of his wife and Sgt. Havers is trying to make her new boss happy with her peculiar style of dressing.  For George fans, the plot is very involved, as usual.  Easy reading, but long.