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The Guest List

August 31, 2020
The Guest List

If you’re a fan of British mysteries set on islands then make sure you read The Guest List. The wedding of a handsome actor to a high profile magazine publisher brings together a collection of family and friends to a remote island. The past and present collide as actions of the past are slowly revealed and consequences brought to bear. By the end of the reception, revelations brought back to life will cause life-changing events. What secret does the beautiful bride’s half sister keep hidden from her family? Does the bride’s old high school buddy still have a crush on her he can’t forget? What secrets are the groom’s ushers afraid will come to light? Find out by reading Foley’s latest.

Free kids ebooks online

August 29, 2020
Oxford Owl free ebooks | Spelfabet

The UK web site, Oxford Owl is a terrific online resource. Beyond the 250+ ebooks it has available to read, they also offer math lessons for kids, activity books, phonics, storyteller videos and spelling help. Oxford is ad-free and child friendly.

One and Only Ivan- the movie

August 27, 2020

Katherine Applegate’s Newbery award-winning title began streaming on the Disney channel this month. The very popular novel-in-verse tells the story of warm-hearted gorilla, Ivan, who lives at the mall. His sad plight is elevated by the arrival of a young elephant who joins him in captivity. The movie is filmed in live action and CGI with famous actors playing the voices including: Helen Mirren, Angelina Jolie, Phillipa Soo, and Danny Devito. The sequel, The One and Only Bob was released earlier this year.

Beach Read

August 15, 2020
Beach Read

January Andrews arrives at the lake house her father left to her when he died suddenly a year ago. Always very close, 29 year-old January was blindsided when she discovered her beloved father had a longtime mistress. Determined to sell the house, January ends up settling in for the summer to buckle-down and attempt to write a novel her publisher has been pressuring her to submit. She meets her neighbor who happens to be an old college crush and the two embark on a love-hate dance. As the title states, this read is good light summer fare with witty dialogue as the past is slowly revealed and the inevitable future unfolds.

What You Wish For

August 15, 2020

47D176BD-C133-44A5-8B33-1197A98366D7Just finished this amazing book by Katherine Center. It’s a story of love, and loss, and trauma, and emotions, but most of all – joy. A quote from one of the characters, “Pay attention to the things that connect you with joy,” I found to be particularly meaningful. Everyone has sadness and hurt and dark places that may sometimes threaten our well-being, but focusing on the things that bring joy to our lives can help to bring us out of those scary places. That philosophy seems to be the novel’s message to the reader, and I found it very uplifting. Be kind to your self and read this “feel good” story … You deserve it!

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