The Girls Who Disappeared

Jenna Halliday is a journalist who is investigating the twentieth anniversary of three girls who vanished from a car wreck in southwest England.. Olivia Rutherford was driving her friends home one rainy night when a figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the road. As Olivia swerved to miss the person, the car skidded up the bank and flipped over, pinning Olivia’s leg. When she came to, her three friends were missing and never found up to the present day.. But someone doesn’t want Jenna to stir up old wounds, and leaves her threatening notes to stop interviewing the locals. Will she find out the truth before it’s too late? I enjoyed this mystery; the ending was a surprise.

Fish in a tree- the play

One of my favorite middle school books has been turned into a play/musical showing in New York city. This Schneider Family Book Award title features Allie who is frequently getting in trouble in school and frequently moving towns and schools. We find out she has a reading disability and is ashamed to reveal this secret. The theater is on W 42nd Street.

The play opens in March and “celebrates neurodiversity, friendship, and the power of imagination, and explores the harm bullying causes and the life changing potential of a generous teacher.”


Flight by Lynn Steger Strong takes place in late December in upstate New York during the first holiday without Helen, the matriarch. Katie, Henry and Martin each miss their mother and are learning how to be this new family without her. Katie with her husband and three children is hoping the others will agree to allow her to live in the mother’s home instead of selling it. Martin and his career-minded lawyer wife, Tess, are not s easily persuaded. Artist Henry and his social-worker wife, Alice, are the only couple without children. Alice is beginning to come to terms with the idea she will not become a mother and is wrapped up in the lives of a single mother-daughter case she is assigned to care for. As each member navigates the holiday week, their likes and dislikes bubble at the surface and their flaws are revealed. An entertaining novel that held my interest.