Two unrelated comments

I recently heard Frank Partnoy being interviewed about his new book “Wait–The Art of Science of Delay.”  Basically, he was advocating waiting as an option that is not chosen as much as it should be.  He discussed some psychological studies done with children regarding delayed gratification as an indicator of future success.  Waiting for a period of time before they ate that “second marshmallow” might in the end result in a better way of life.  \

My favorite part of this interview was his discussion of how to answer emails.  Print them out, put the list in a drawer, and then wait until the last possible moment to reply.  By doing this, your reply will be a better one than if you answered immediately.  He had lots more to say.  I guess what I should do is think over what he had to say and then wait to read our copy of “Wait.”

On a totally different topic, I recently saw “Haywire.”  If you like an action movie featuring a tough, athletic, no-nonsense female hero with amazing physical agility, this is for you.  Added to this was a plot that kept you guessing.  Characters who weren’t what they seemed–good guys becoming bad guys each double-crossing each other.  The chase scene on a snowy upstate road was well done but did border on being campy.  All in all, a good action movie with a twist–a female in control.

1 thought on “Two unrelated comments”

  1. Now I can tell people I’m not procrastinating, I’m waiting. Seriously, sometimes I am just waiting to see if something else will happen, or someone else acts, so that I don’t have to do anything. I can’t imaging printing out the 40-50 emails I get each day. That seems like a terrible waste. Mostly, I don’t respond to anything that wasn’t directed at me personally. That takes care of about 80% of the email.

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