Spring is here!


Spring is a topic that many children’s book authors have written about.  Author-illustrator Will Hillenbrand uses this theme to full advantage in his book “Spring Is Here.”  Using his characters “Bear” and “Mole,” he explores what it means to wake up from a long sleep and find that spring has arrived.  Using double-page mixed-media illustrations, which focus on bear and mole,  he explains what mole needs to do in order to wake up a still very sleepy bear.9780823424313_p0_v1_s118x184.jpg  The simple text and big illustrations will appeal to very young.

If young readers like the characters of “Bear” and “Mole,” Will Hillenbrand’s book “Kite Day” will definitely be a hit.  Using the same basic format as “Spring is Here,” Hillenbrand uses a windy, spring day to have bear and mole construct and fly a kite.  When the wind picks up and rain begins to fall, bear and mole race to save their kite.  In the end, everything works out for all those involved.

“Spring is Here” and “Kite Day” are two perfect books to celebrate the beginnings of spring.13231962.jpg

One Response to “Spring is here!”

  1. marybeth Says:

    Lillian, I just used “Spring is here” in a storytime this week. It’s such a great book!

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