“Nanette’s Baguette”

If you have ever had the experience of eating a warm baguette, preferably in France, you will understand how Nanette could not resist the warm, tasty baguette.

Mo Willems is back again with a funny tale of Nanette’s first solo trip to the bakery.  Froggy Nanette has been asked by her mother to walk to the bakery to buy a baguette.  It is a day that Nanette will not soon forget.  After purchasing the baguette, Nanette proceeds to walk home but cannot resist the warm, yummy bread.  Being only human, it is obvious what will happen.

9781484722862_p0_v2_s192x300.jpgWillems is a master of creating stories that young readers enjoy.  In “Nanette’s Baguette,” Willems is able to create this story with words that rhyme with Nanette.  So the reader has Nanette in the kitchenette being asked by her mother to buy a baguette.  And so the story continues.

Beginning readers will recognize the repetition of the “ette” sound and will be able to read the story on their own.  The cartoon-like drawings of Froggy Nanette, which were created by photographed images of cardboard-and-paper construction, perfectly fit with the zany story.

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