Who Wet My Pants?

When I first read the title of Bob Shea’s new book, I paused. I live with a 2-year-old who doesn’t lack opportunities to practice her potty humor–Who Wet My Pants? seemed like an open invitation.

But Who Wet My Pants? turned out to be a sweet, funny book about human nature that both adults and children will enjoy. The protagonist, Reuben, returns from a doughnut run to the serious faces of his scouting troop. “Ahem,” one of them says. And Reuben, in front of all his friends, must confront the fact of his wet pants. He rants and raves and tries to find out who is responsible. His friends remain calm and empathetic (“It was probably just an accident”) until at last Reuben takes off his wet pants and shares his doughnuts.

This is a tender story about how good friends can help us survive difficult moments.

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