YA author Lauren Myracle

Today’s NY Times has an article about this author of 17 books. They compare her to Judy Blume pointing to both author’s numerous challenges  and censorship issues that have come from their outspoken novels.  Myracle’s most popular titles, “TTYL,” and  “TTFN,” are both on the ALA most challenged book list.  They describe the letters Myracle receives from disgruntled parents who ask her why she has to insert controversial language and issues in her stories.  Myracle’s response mostly comes down to because it’s real and this is how children learn about life in a safe way.  As a public school librarian in my other life, I am aware of Myracle and to fend off angry parents have not purchased some of  Myracle’s novels. I am glad we have a ‘new’ Judy Blume to take over for this century.

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