O.J. Simpson: Made in America

I do not usually review visual media but recently I watched the mini docu-series “O.J: Made in America”, an ESPN “30 for 30” series project. The film is nominated for “Best Documentary FeaOJ_Made_in_America.pngture” at the upcoming Academy Awards.

This documentary clocks in at about eight hours long! I must say though that the film-makers did an amazing job at making eight hours seem like it was simply not long enough. The documentary explores not just the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial, but also the ideas of race and celebrity and how they played a role in the trial itself.

Whether or not you think he was guilty in the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman, at the very least the series sheds light on race relations in the United States and how it created a cultural phenomena out of the gruesome murder and subsequent trial. At the very least you can get your guilty pleasure murder-mystery obsession fulfilled!

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