Mystery author: Margaret Yorke

Image resultIf you’ve read all of Agatha Christie’s books and prefer psychological mysteries set in England, Margaret Yorke is an author to sample. The Guardian compared Yorke to Miss Marple when she passed away in 2012. Yorke spent time in Ireland and during WWII was employed as a hospital librarian. She began writing in the late 1950’s and her last novel was published in 2001. With over 40 mystery novels, Yorke was never as well known as Rendell or P.D. James and yet was quite successful and served as the chair of the Crime Writers Association.  Her mysteries often begin with setting the stage in country or suburban English villages. Her characters have many layers. She slowly reveals more about each person and the reader sees their motives and choices unfold naturally. Yorke is one of my favorites who never disappoints.  A few titles to try are:

  • The Smooth Face of Evil (1984)
  • Intimate Kill (1985)
  • Safely to the Grave (1986)
  • A Small Deceit (1991)
  • Criminal Damage (1992)
  • Dangerous to Know (1993)
  • Almost the Truth (1994)
  • Serious Intent (1995)
  • A Question of Belief (1996)
  • Act of Violence (1997)
  • False Pretenses (1998)
  • The Price of Guilt (1999)
  • A Case to Answer (2000)
  • Cause for Concern (2001)


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