Shall We Dance?

dvdI’ve viewed this movie in the past, but decided to watch it again recently. It’s a feel-good movie, starring Richard Gere (in his younger days, the film was released in 2005), Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon. Gere plays an estate attorney who leads an uneventful life, and upon spying a lone figure at the window of Miss Mitzi’s Dance Studio night after night, decides to take dancing lessons. Jlo is the face at the window/ pretty young dance instructor, and Sarandon plays John’s ( Gere’s) wife who has a very hectic life juggling job and family. The film has some great musical tracks, and superb dancing moves. I recognized one of Dancing With the Stars dance pros in several scenes as well. A good choice for a lighthearted movie night. Just add some popcorn!

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