Count the Ways

A story that spans about 40 years in the life of Eleanor and Cam in New England, details the way we form new families and move forward when the dynamic changes and we are forced to adopt new identities when the old ones no longer fit. Eleanor is a children’s book illustrator and author when she meets Cam at a craft fair. They quickly fall in love and begin a family at Eleanor’s farm. As an only child and orphaned at a young age, Eleanor has always hungered for a family of her own. Their happiness seems impenetrable until a turn of events changes Eleanor’s perspective on her husband and their family comes apart. Following her path in the aftermath, the author portrays a realistic single Eleanor trying hard not to hold onto resentment and possibly find happiness again. Maynard is the former paramour of J. D. Salinger. They lived together when she was 18 and he was 53.

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