Where Are the Children Now?

This new novel is the sequel to Where Are the Children?, which was released in 1975 by Mary Higgins Clark. I don’t recall reading the original, so I checked back and there are only 16 copies still in the system. That title chronicled the kidnapping of Nancy Eldridge’s two children, Michael and Melissa. The current sequel deals with the adult Melissa’s new marriage to Charlie Miller. Initially they are very happy together, but the marriage soon becomes a nightmare when Charlie’s three year- old daughter Riley goes missing on Melissa’s watch. Is this a repeat of Melissa’s abduction as a young child? But the evidence points to Melissa as being the kidnapper now, with the police convinced that she is guilty. Can Melissa find Riley and prove her innocence before it is too late? It’s a quick read, and enjoyable. Definitely less creepy that the original title, which I will pass on reading…

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