Murder on the Champs de Mars by Cara Black

black2As the latest novel in the Aimee Leduc mystery series opens, the reader finds Aimee with her baby, Chloe, hurrying to be ready for the baby’s christening. We meet the godparents: Martine, Aimee’s best friend, and Rene, Aimee’s partner at Leduc Detective Agency are godmother and godfather, respectively. However, she is thrown off guard when the baby’s father shows up (whom Aimee has not seen for 6 months), along with his current wife and threatens to sue for custody of Chloe.

Aimee’s latest case involves a gypsy informant for her now deceased father, whose son begs Aimee for help locating his mother, who was kidnapped from her hospital bed. He is soon killed in front of Aimee and the bodies begin to pile up. Aimee’s beliefs become threatened and her life endangered when she comes too close to the real truth of the case, while baby Chloe is happily minded by her sitter, unaware that her mother is in danger.

I think this novel is Ms. Black’s most ambitious to date, as she weaves the threads of Aimee’s father’s unsolved murder throughout Aimee’s investigation as she attempts to solve the case and discover who was responsible for her father’s death.

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