One Day in December

  One Day in December reads like a more modern take on Bridget Jones’ Diary.  Set in London, Laurie and Sarah are best friends and flat mates. While riding a double-decker bus home from work one afternoon, 20-something Laurie sees a young man waiting at a bus stop. Their eyes meet and it’s love at first sight for both of them.  Yet, they don’t actually meet because the bus continues driving its route. Laurie is afraid she will ever find “bus boy” again. It’s only when Sarah brings her new boyfriend home to meet Laurie that they actually meet: “bus boy” is Sarah’s new beau!  Of course, Laurie and Jack (“bus boy’s” real name) can’t acknowledge that they fell in love at first sight and the threesome triangle gets tangled and awkward.  The novel follows the three friends for the next ten years as they mature and weave in and out of relationships and jobs.  This is an enjoyable romantic read that had me hooked even while guessing how it would end.  Fun!

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